If You Got It, Flaunt It!

My wife has a great body and I love it when she shows it off.  We live in a small conservative town so opportunities are few.  My wife works in a conservative profession and would be frowned upon if she appeared too sleezy (small towns suck sometimes). We went to a banquet a while back and she wore this tight little black dress without a bra and her breasts spewing out of the dress from all sides (slightly exagerated, but they looked amazing).  The dress was fitted and showed her tiny *** and long legs.  Out of the 300 people at the banquet, nobody got more looks than her.  The women seemed to pay as much attention as the men.  All and all, I loved all the looks she got.  I can imagine all the women commenting how inappropriatly she was dressed and all the men thinking they'd like to do her.  All in all, lucky me!

Last beach holiday, we were at a resort that had kayaks and also allowed topless sunbathing.  My wife would take out a kayak and paddle along the beach topless.  Next door was some construction and when she got close, the site would get quiet... not a hammer or drill could be heard from the 20 or more workers nearby.  I loved it as I watched from a kayak close behind.  At first she said it made her feel nervous, but I encouraged her and over the week, she made countless passes and ventured closer to shore.  One day she paddled past  the construction site, and got out of her kayak on a vacant stretch of beach.  That day all she was wearing was a thong.  She was clearly there just to tease them as the all watched and she smiled back at them. 

I just love it!  If you got it, flaunt it.

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Thats too bad. I would never do that to my wife. To the contrary, I tell her how young she looks, especially when she talks like she is getting old. <br />
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I work around a lot of young girls, and I can't help but to think that in 10 years, they'll look nothing like they do now. For women that have taken care of themselves, by the time they hit 30 something, that is an pretty accurate representation of how they will care for themselve as life goes on. That's the pool of women I'd want to pick from.

Young girls and older men:That described my husband and I but the older I get and the closer my daughter gets to teen years, the more disgusted I am by it. Actually, I envy your wife some now that I hear how attractive you think she is and she is older. My husband likes to make me feel old.

Yes, some guys like them young. I have a teenage daughter, so the thought of young girls and old guys is too much for me. I prefer a woman that has some life expereince. I met my wife later in life and she is one of those that wasn't that attractive as a young woman, but as a mature woman, she is gorgeous. She was 30 before anyone told her she was attractive. She works hard at keeping herself in shape and the gym we go to is loaded with young tight bodies, but the young guys still give my wife a look.

Actually, I may have been influenced some in my thinking by my husband. He loves attractive younger women. I don't think he would ever be attracted to an older woman even if she was super hot. I have always found this to be a defect in him and perhaps it has rubbed off on me some.<br />
That being said, If you look sexy flaunt it. Sure. I just have never seen an *** on a women over 35 that I thought could be in a thong in public. Maybe your wife is younger than that or maybe she is the exception.

cemev, I feel bad for you. You make it sound like it is downhill from here. I think your male friends might be lying to you. <br />
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Nothing wrong with a thong in public if thats what the attire happens to be. When in Rome... However, if you don't have the body for it, yes keep it covered.

I went for all that attention and thongs and tiny dresses when I was 16, 17, 18. It felt good having men gawk and want me. I just don't think it is so great on women over 25. My opinion as a women but I have had many male friends who agree. Show the body some if you have one, but a thong that is seen in public.