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My wife and I sometimes go for a massage. We go to different places and she usually goes along with a female friend. A few months back she told me that the place she goes took on a male masseur. When she turned up for her appointment the receptionist showed her to the massage room where she undressed as usual, climbed naked on her back on the table and the receptionist placed a towel over her. Then in came the masseur and to my wife's surprise it was the new male one. He asked if she wanted the towel to be left on. She says she thought maybe she should stay partially covered but with previous massages from female staff she had always been completely nude. She told him she didn't need the towel. Turned out to be a great massage. I asked her how she felt about being naked for him. She admits she enjoys that aspect - I'll bet she does! I find the whole idea of my wife lying completely naked and exposed while having her body head to toe massaged by a clothed guy a BIG turn on! She also admits she now asks for him but doesn't always get him. Seems he's in demand with the ladies. Wish I could go along and watch.

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that actually happened to me one time
nothing happened just an erotic experience that another man's hands were feeling me all over
still get aroused thinking about it...
btw.. husband never knew

very nice to read , i feel the same , although there was no such opportunity for my wife, i always dream this situation in my fantasies, thnx a lot for giving words to such nice feeling

I am a massage therapist (part time) and I had a guy phone me and ask if I woulld massage his wife and get her aroused and then leave for him to f*** her, not done it but who knows.

That is a fantasy a share for my wife also.

me and my husband have been to these male massage places many times in thailand . my husband kind of like massage being performed on him by males . and he wants me too to do the same , i hated the first time , but now , everytime i get a massage i come like two times , they have the nak to find my spot when rubbing me down under . next time when i want to try alone too , my husband has no problem with it .i like the massage guy to come on my boobs.

We both love the massages and once she got a male doing the massage. She was OK for me to be there and she was completely nude. I was loving it. He started at her feet and worked up her legs up to her thighs, The back of his hand just touched her ***** lips and she actually opened up her legs a bit wider. It was like he was teasing her lips like a dozen times and then move away. Her nipples were so very hard and stuck straight up about an inch. I could tell she was turned on and even though he used a massage lube, she was producing lube of her own and was dripping wet. The entire time, he was very professional and I kept trying to get his attention to indicate it was OK to get her to *** or for him to get a better view and finally he understood what I was motioning and nodded.

He told her to put the bottoms of her feet together and just let her knees fall to the side.

It was very erotic to see her spread wide open like that. He then left her legs spread wide and told her to put her hands and arms straight above her head and she did. He then moved to her head and started to massage her from her nead, neck and over her chest.

He put a very warm wash cloth over her face so she could not see out but it was not over her mouth.

Basically it was like she was blindfolded.

I was originally sitting at the other end of the room and on a very low to the ground chair about 15 feet away to the point that I could not really see much fom that angle but once she got blindfolded by the warm cloth, I got up silently and got a better view and motioned to him shushhhhh and he nodded OK.

He was wearing some very thin and short pair ofshorts that looked like like two wash clothes sewn together at the sides. Very convenient that her hands were above her head and right beside his crotch.

He strattled her hands and worked down, stretching from breasts to ***** and then back.

He did this over and over again and again and each time, I noticed that her hands were rubbing against his package and she was obviously was enjoying the rub.

He stayed there with one leg on either side if her hands and stretched to focus on her mount and lips as she reached in his leg opening in his shorts and grabed him.

I don't think she either remembered I was there or didn't think I could see from my angle but I had a great view.

She held on to his balls and **** inside his shorts, kind of like trying to keep it all hidden. (yeah right)

He stayed ther for about a full minute then moved back to her side and started to work her ****.

Her legs were still spread wide open and the bottoms of her feet still touching so she was ready for whatever he wanted to do with her body, except for sex which I was not ready for his to do with her.

She started to squirm and jump with exstacy and she said you need to stop and he said "it's OK, this is natural and part of a good massage. What this tells me is that I am hitting all the right places, it's OK' She started to sit up and I quickly sat back in the chair and she pulled the cloth off of her face and looked at me and asked if I was OK .

I said Go for it, it is natural and part of the massage so if it happens, let it happen, its not sex, its a massageso enjoy the massage and let the man do his job" She smiled and laid back down and put the cloth beside her.

He quickly reached for a new cloth that was in teh steamer and put it back over her face and then took her opld one and covered the new one .

She asked what that is for and he said "It takes one of your senses away so you other senses are more hightened and makes the experience more intense"

She said OK and started to relax again.

He moved to between her legs and focused on her **** and inserted his middle finger into her and told her to tell him her personal favorite place on her "G" spot. She started to squirm again and then just froze for a second and said "ohhhh, right there" and he stopped and just worked that spot with one hand and used his other hands to hit her breasts.

Again, her nipples shot up an inch and got super hard and she started to hump his finger.

He kep it up and right before she was about to ***, he pulled his finger out and started to massage her legs again.

It was like sexual torture to her but left her so super horny it was super erotic to watch for me.

His shorts were already at full sail and he turned to me and shrugged his shoulders and smiled as he highlighted his massive hard on from her massage. I smiled and shrugged my shoulders and he returned back to her massage.

She was still going through the humping motions on the table as he was working her thighs and he came back to her **** and again entered his finger to her "G spot and she gasped and squeeled a bit as again she was approaching a climax but again, after about 3 minutes of getting her to that point, he pulled out and then focused on her breasts but dorked her breasts while he was between her legs.

as he woiuld lean over her ***** to get to her breasts, he bulge from his shorts would rub against her lips and she would actually quiver with desire.

Back and forth from mound to breasts he stroked himself against her each time he reached up to her breasts.

The position he had left himself in there between her legs made it impossible to not press up against he rpussy lips as he leaned over to massage her breasts.

I sat up and he looked at me and smiled and leaned way up past her breasts to massage her neck and he was all but laying on top of her and his massaive member was firmly pressed against her lips.

He started to grind her lps against his shorts and the only thing seperating the two of their bodies was a thin piece of cloth about the thickness of a wet t-shirt contest shirt.

I could see right through the cloth due to his lube and her lube soaking that cloth from both sides.

He was about to explode out the top and as he rubbed against her, the top of his **** started to pop out the top and he started to actually make head to lip contact.

That was too much for me and I went toward him and at that moment, she bust and started to *** very huge and sat up and saw me standing right there and she basically ignored me at that moment and wrapped her legs around his wasit and said **** me now.

I panicked and was about to saw hell no when he came super huge and shot his load up over her lips and up over her stomach, over her breasts and all the way up to her face cheek.

He pressed his **** harder against her and slid up so I knew no peratration was being made but he drug his balls out of his shorts and pressed them against her lips and just laid there while pumping the last bit of juices out of his balls. She started to *** again and said "I'm ******* again" and pulled him tighter against her lips.

She was almost like having convulsions while pressed against his **** and balls but she came 2 times within maybe 2 minutes.

They laid there in the after glow of one awesome massage.

She leaned to me and said "thnak you for letting me go that far" and he too said sorry man but she is so hot I could not help myself but I didn't **** her like you said.

She got up and said your turn and told me to lay down but I was not into a guy touching me in that way and she said, it was not going to be him, "I'm going to get you to *** while he watches".

that was kindof weird but it was hot to have her get me so arounded while another guy was there and watched. Sh did get me to *** very huge also.

I may even be OK if that all happened again but it was close, too close.

great story , its my dream to see this happen to my wife

Fantastic tease

Wife and I get massages often and she admitted to me her fantasy was to have a happy ending unexpectedly during the massage. I told her if it ever came to that let it happen I would not have any problem with her getting a happy ending. I have tried to get this to happen but its not real easy and I want it to be something she happens across as it isnt something she will do if planned and most that will are too slimy.

Sick of my wife nagging about her pale skin after we moved to the midwest from Arizona due to my job (for no other reason I would do it) I gave a tanning beds gift dertificate. The first time she went she didn't know she needed a lotion. She borrowed some from the attendant and while helping her out with setting the bed he ended up putting lotion on her back. I never thought a story like that would turned me on. I don't know if she still get the guy rub lotion on her body but I fantasize about it every time she goes to the tanning beds.

I get an occasional theraputic message. Ive known the girl for several yrs. Most guys that go to her have the fantasy of getting that "happy ending." She is tall, dark complected, long legs, curves that are topped of with these large breast that occasionally get rubbed against you during the message. It really will stay a fantasy for all because everyone also knows her built to kill ex-combat marine husband.

All this massage talk has got my **** hard and my mind full of ideas.

When we were in Thailand we had a 'couples massage' where you lie side by side on couches in the same room at the same time while simultaneously getting a full-body massage.

I must admit the sight of my wife's naked body being rubbed and kneaded a couple of feet away while I was getting the same treatment from a pretty Thai girl madev it very difficult to contain my excitement!