Yes, I Do

I don't go in public in "flaming" attire, but wear things that allow me to generally blend in with the general public. Ladies shorts or slacks with a comfortable ladies top (polo, button up shirt or sweatshirt) and shoes that coordinate with the outfit. In many cases, my nails are very neatly done with a clear or very light pink polish and I wear light shade of lipgloss or lipstick. In nearly every case, I wear a bracelet, a ladies watch and at least 1 nice necklace. The real kicker is when I top off things with some sort of purse.

The purse is the first thing people notice, male or female. Few guys get past that & are so locked in on it that they don't notice the rest of the female attire. Women, however, will then do a scan anaysis that would surpass a TSA inspection. I absolutely love it & receive an exciting thrill whether it be by a cashier, a store clerk or other shopper. I find myself subconsciously "posing"...mincing steps, hands on hips or other feminine body language...and enjoy the looks, smiles and puzzlement on women's faces. The ultimate is when I go to pay for an item and open up the purse & bring out my ladies wallet...that is the real kicker. The closeup scrutiny is so obvious and in turn I can see the thought process of those watching.

When I leave or pass through the crowd, I an content. I've done well as "my femme self" and ensured folks know they have seen a respectable, very lady like & pleasant transvestite who is not ashamed or embarassed to be "herself". It's quite satisfying & rarely has there ever been a negative reaction.
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Good for you!

thank you for sharing.. the few time I been shopping in a conservative dress, I have had similar reactions for sale people.

where are you from, I'm looking for a crossdresser near me to dress with

Go girl! Good for you. You blend (I like that term better than 'pass') dressing and acting like a lady, so why not be out and about doing things that other ladies do.

"Blend" rather than "Pass" I like that way of explaining it better also. For me, blending is much easier to accomplish than passing, and there is a lot less stress involved as well. Makes the whole experience more enjoyable without the stress.