How I Became Bi

My first time was back in college. I was straight, dated girls and hung out with a group of friends. Often after class we would go to a local pub to party. It was not a great place but they sold cheep draft beer. One day there was a large group of us including this one guy who I had met a few times in classes. His name was Chris. He was a nice guy but I really did not know him that well. I thought he was straight. He seemed to have no problem getting girls. As the afternoon went on the group started breaking up and by about 6 pm only my girlfriend, Chris and I were left. My girlfriend had to leave to study. Chris and I wanted to drink more but like typical college students, we were out of money. I told him I had a new bottle of 151 rum back at my apartment and that we could continue the party there. He mentioned that he had a joint. I had never smoked pot before but thought “what the hell.” At my place he fired up the joint. WOW, in no time was I buzzed out of my mind. I went to the kitchen to get the rum. While I was making the drinks he was in the living room and turned on my TV. He discovered a few **** tapes that I had and suggested that we watch a movie. So here we were buzzed, getting drunker and watching ****. A while into the movie I noticed some movement coming from his direction. When I looked over he had his **** out and he was stroking it. I was not trying to stare but my god it was huge. I could not help but look. He caught me looking but did not say anything. We both looked back to the movie. Then he stood up and walked over to me and pushed his **** in my face. I was shocked, I just looked at it. He told me to suck him but I did not move or say anything. He said some more things "like give it a try – it'll be fun." I don't remember exactly what he said but when he pushed his **** to my mouth I just opened up and started sucking. I tried to do it like my girlfriend had done to me. He started telling me how to suck and what felt good. It was strange, he never asked me, he told me what to do and how to do it. I just responded. After a while he held my head. I did not realize until it was too late but he blasted a load of *** in my mouth. He kept holding my head so I could not pull away. I had to swallow. Then he pulled his **** out of my mouth and smeared the rest of his *** all over my face with his ****. I started removing my pants thinking it was my turn. At the same time he was pulling up his pants. I said OK my turn. What he said next floored me. He said "no way, I'm not a **** sucking ***." He zipped his pants and left. There I was, sitting in the dark, just sucked off a guy, my hard **** in hand, his *** on my face and in my mouth, wondering what the hell just happened. I could not sleep all night, trying to understand what had happened and why I was so turned on. The next day in class it was as if nothing had happened. He said hello but that was it. Several weeks went by, seeing him in class and going out with friends but nothing was said of even indicated that anything had happened. This was driving me crazy. I needed to tell him that I was not a *** but what had happened was only due to all the booze and the pot. One Saturday afternoon I was at home and he called. He said we needed to talk about what happened. Finally, I thought we could clear the air. When he arrived he had some booze with him. We had a drink and just chatted about unimportant stuff. Again he pulled out another joint and we smoked it. Finally I said "we should talk about what happened." He said "you're right." Then he stood up, pulled his **** out and walked toward me. He just said "suck it." Once again I was buzzed and sucking his ****. My mind was going crazy. He kept calling me names like **** sucker and ******. He was saying all kind of things like “does you girlfriend know how much you like sucking ****?” Maybe I should **** her. This time he pulled out and came all over my face and hair. I was going to clean up but he told me to leave his *** on my face. For some reason I did what he told me to do. This time he stayed but he did not return any **** sucking favors. He turned on another **** tape and drank some more. Then he told me to kneel in front of him and suck his huge **** some more. I must have sucked him for a half hour while he watched the **** tape. My jaw was starting to hurt then finally he came again. This time I let him *** in my mouth without trying to pull away. Once again he left with me horny, holding my ****, his *** all over my face and hair. I could not believe I had done it again!  This became a regular thing. At school it was like nothing had happened but once a week, sometimes two or three times a week he'd call and tell me he was coming over or he'd tell me to come to his place. It was just understood that when he needed to *** he would call and I'd give him a blow job.  I never did get anything in return from him other than his *** in me or on me. This went on for months. Several months later he called me and told me to come over to his place. I knew that I would be blowing him again. However, when I arrived this time there were two other guys were at Chris’ house. I did not know these guys. They were friends of Chris. I thought Chris was just waiting for his friend to leave. Then Chris tells me that these guys know all about me. I was so scared I thought I was going to pass out. They started undressing and Chris told me I was going to take care of all of them. I started to say no and Chris told me if I didn't he'd tell everyone at school that I was a *** and that I tried to come on to him. I did as he told me. I started sucking one of the guys and before long they were all pushing their dicks at me. After a while one of the guys started pulling at my cloths. It was crazy. I felt one of the guys lubing up my *** while another guy was holding his **** all the way down my throat. I tried to stop them but could not. I was so scared and shocked. Then I felt the guy that was behind me start to push his **** into my ***. I was trying to scream but the guy who had his **** in my throat was holding my head on him. I could not scream. Chris was holding my arms so I could not fight back. God it hurt at first. After a while I resigned to let them use me so that I could finish and get out of there. After a while I started enjoying having both my *** and mouth used. They did take a break at one point only to smoke more pot and drink more. These guys ended up using me for hours. At some point in the night I realized that I enjoyed being abused by these guys. I enjoyed being used so roughly, spanked, pinched, called names, laughed at, being cumed in and on. I realized that I had been turned into a **** loving sissy. After they finished I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up on the floor, covered in *** and so sore. I dressed and let myself out and walked home before they woke up. This went on regularly for the next three years of college until Chris and I went our separate ways. I still dated girls. Making love to a beautiful woman is incredible. I eventually met my wife, fell in love and married her. But there is not a day that goes by that I don't miss being used like a sissy *****. My wife and I have experimented with a few kinky things but she does not know the extent of what I did back in college. Maybe one day she'll be ready for this. Maybe one day my wife will meet a dominant man like Chris who turns her into a **** **** just like me. Who knows?

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This takes me back to college - trying so hard to play it straight but those certain guys who knew which buttons to push would make me jump through hoops!

<p>Or perhaps when she finds a "real" man he can seduce her and "force" himself onto you as well?</p>
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Thanks for the great post btw

Pretty interesting story

cool story friend ; I promice you if u suck my **** I will suck u back . and u can **** me in the *** and call me your **** sucking ***** . ill be your **** sucker ill suck the *** out of u and u call me gay **** sucker ok

Wow, what a hot story.get in touch with Chris and plan your wifes seduction

i'll keep my fingers crossed for you he he

This happened to me too --- sucking and not getting it back, realizing too late that you are the "******" in the one-sided deal. The really sad part when it becomes so natural for him to call -- like he is ordering pizza and expects you at his place in 30 minutes or less...

This was so hot.