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Bdsm Sessions!

I became friends with a beautiful blonde Mistress and her slave/husband. We had several sessions where both her husband and I were forced to be naked together getting intensly whipped and watching each other get anally taken with her strap on. Even though we didn't have sexual contact with each other we did with his Mistress wife. Kissing and fondling was openly exchanged.  I was sure she would have loved watching us suck each other off or take each others behind. Her slave had a huge member the was quite a mouthful for oral sex so one would have to think twice to take it in the behind. Mistress did get off whipping our backs and bare bottoms in front of each other and taking us bent over with her favorite toys. Knowing both of us enjoyed anal penetration made her all the more hot for us to do it together.  Both of us were submissive voyeurs enjoying the pleasures of watching each other be dominated by his wife. I watched her husband suck another man off at a party and then a half hour later he was making love to the guys wife on the kitchen table. Mistress loved making love to other women enjoying oral sex with women over having intercourse with her slave/husband. We had several conversations about the bisexual lifestyle over the phone and in private. She always insisted that I should do it with her help. Since I was so turned on to anal penetration she tried to convince me that getting it from a guy would be a lot more pleasurable. I actually agreed but never had the chance since she had to leave town with her slave.

. After Mistress left I reconnected with an old girlfriend who was living with a lesbian but never admitted she was also lesbian. When she found out I was into female domination she volunteered to give me several deserving whippings to absolve past issues between us. Finding my toys she refused to do my rear but insisted that I learn how to suck by strapping on a 9in. silicon toy that she forcibly pushed down my throat, payback for all the times she had sucked me in the past . After several weeks of practice I was able to deep throat her toy without choking. My girlfriend insisted I would make a good lover to the right bi-stud as long as I remained submissive by only sucking and taking it in the rear. Bored with me my girlfriend returned to her lebian lifestyle satisified that she got her revenge with the lash and tickled my fantasies with thoughts of doing it with a guy.

I still enjoy anal penetration even if I have to do it to myself, reading bisexual stories, as well as watching bi-videos. Even if I never suck a guy my wife shares my fantasy feeding me a mouthful of my own spent fluids whenever she sucks me off. I also help her with your own lesbian fantasies spending much of my time giving her oral satisfaction and kissing her with a mouthful of her own fluids just like a lesbian would.

Be safe and have healthy fun even if you have to just live in your fantasies!
Write me a line and share OK?

Since the onslot of AIDS and STD's strap on play is much safer to play out your bi-fantasies. You lover can strap it on and make you suck then bend you over  for a screwing that is longer than any guy can do! The assortment of dildoes add variety to the fun!
magic7 magic7 61-65, M Jun 3, 2012

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