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I want to share a story of my life that i will never forget. About 2 years ago when I was 18 I invited my girlfriend to come over and have sex with me. My girlfriend was this slender hot brunett with white skin and a sexy body. When I called her over the phone she said YES I"D LOVE TO. So we both agreed to do so but she didn't tell me she was using me to have sex with another guy. Unfortunately when she arrived at my house I heard the doorbell ring, and there she was. When we took the stairs up to my bedroom she was ready for me to get naked. She forced me to get naked first, and then it was her turn. She ordered me to undress her at once and so I did. Just when we were about to have sex out pops her old boyfriend from my closet. He's this hot black guy whos already naked and ready to **** my girlfriend. My girlfriend then refused to have sex with me and tells me "Lets compare penis sizes I want to see WHOS IS BIGGER and THICKER" Mine measures 4.5 inches, and her black boyfriend's measures 9.5 inches and is much thicker than mine and longer. So she starts by giving her black stud a ******* over and over again for about 23 minutes she stares me in the eye and says "YOU REALLY WANT THIS BIG BLACK **** DON'T YOU. I tell her NO I DON'T, and she says "Yes you do want it" So she yanks me by the hair and makes me shove my mouth down her black mans throat and says "IF YOU WANT TO REMAIN MY FAVORITE BOYFRIEND YOU WILL DO AS I SAY" I remember enjoying myself sucking her boyfriend's penis it was so long and thick that it reached all the way to the bottom of my throat gagging me. My wife said when her black boyfriend **** in my mouth i am to swallow and lick all of the *** load off his ****. Right before her boyfriend **** he tells me "TAKE IT *****" and there shoots alot of *** and i swallowed it all down my throat like a good boy.  The next thing Sarah's boyfriend does is start ******* her in so many positions. From the 69 position to doggy style. The ******* between Sarah and her boyfriend lasts for about 48 minutes long. She was getting extremely horny watching me jerk off as she screwed her boyfriend. The next thing she wanted me to do was to have ******* sex with me and her boyfriend. The first thing she forces me to do is **** me in my *** hole with her ******* and suck her black boyfriends **** which i do. While they are doing this to me my girlfriend calls me a "LITTLE ****** and her boyfriend calls me a LITTLE ***** while they are screwing me silly for about 30 minutes long. They also switch places and her black stud ***** me with his big black **** in my *** hole and i am forced to suck my girlfriend's ******* at the same time. My girlfriend tells me "THIS IS YOUR SEX LIFE FROM NOW ON ******". I remember them ******* me until i was getting extremely horny and cummed all over myself and then my wife tells me "YOUR GOING TO LICK UP YOUR OWN *** ******" and I tell her WHY? and she tells me "BECAUSE YOUR A *********** ****** JUST LIKE I THOUGHT YOU WERE" and so i did as i was told and my wife goes to the kitchen to fetch a spoon and spoons up all of my hot *** and feeds it to me like a baby ***** boy that i am. I just loved the idea of being forced bisexually by my girlfriend. After the night was over my girlfriend and her old boyfriend kiss and she tells him thank you for a great sexual experience and so did I. My girlfriend then orders me to like her creamed ***** clean and i also do it like a good boy I am. My girlfriend always told me that when she watches me blow and **** another guy it turns her on alot. She also loves to watch me **********. She still has regular sex with me once every week now, but she has even more of a thrill of me being her cuckold. She tells me this will spice up our sexual relationship and i do love being a cuckold for her.




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LOL You probably deserved it!

I liked the story but the fact that is was your house, then her house, and she was your girlfriend then your wife kinda distracted me

Was she your girlfriend or your wife - you seem confused.<br />
If you are going to post your fantasy that is fine but at least try to get the facts straight,

that was really disgusting..

we all want too be a cockold

Wow I just read it again, and i think it was even more erotic this time! Maybe I'll come back and read it every couple weeks or so. Where can I see photos? Tell us more dude. How about more than three? Sounds like it would be pretty easy to find a small crowd of guys that would want to participate in this kind of "Schwing!"

I have to say, that was pretty freakin' hot indeed.

I have to say, that was pretty freakin' hot indeed.

That was an awesome story thats exactly what I want my bf to do to me!