My Husband May Be A **** ....

Hi everyone. I want to tell you about an exciting evening that we had awhile back. First to give you a little background...

 In trying to share fantasies, my husband would ask me about my previous lovers, and he asked a lot of details. He would say 'I just want to know what you like' or things like that, but when I started to open up a little, I noticed he always got really excited, and couldn't wait to go down on me. He seemed so eager to please me. After awhile I decided to see how open he was to this. I told him about a time that I let two guys force me to my knees and 'make me' suck their ***** (I wanted to suck their *****, but I wanted to see my husband's reaction so I played submissve). OMG! When I described them coming in my mouth, he started french kissing me like crazy, and I started thinking maybe he was imagining tasting their come in my mouth!

So later I continued the story and really went with it, even admitting to him how I after that I would dress slutty when I knew I would be seeing them, like with my jeans open in front or my **** almost out, hoping that they would push me to my knees again and make me suck their hard ***** again! But the two boys bragged to each other and to their freinds, so they needed to top the last story. So they decided to really show their freinds. If I had known what was up, I might have changed my mind. They arranged for a camcorder and set it up by their friend's pool, where people change, which had one side almost completely transparent and also part of the side could be moved, leaving the area completely visible from the house a few feet away.

They gave me a few drinks that afternoon, and I was so horny from thinking about being forced to suck **** that I was impatient - I wanted to be on my knees. One of them suggested swimming, and they had told their friends before hand to say they weren't interested, so they could get me alone. I readily went along, and was happy to realize that no one else was coming except my two studs. I went into the changing area, and I purposely took a long time before putting my bikini on, hoping someone would come in and see me naked. Guess what ?   They both did! 

Paul was bold and just walked over to me, put his hands on my shoulders, and pushed me down on my knees. I didn't wait - I pulled down his trunks and took his **** into my mouth and started sucking like crazy. It made me sooo horny being on my knees and sucking him in a place where someone could walk in and see us!  I wanted to make it last, so I asked Tim to come over so I could suck him for awhile and let Paul cool off a bit.

I was really getting into it, loving the feel of their *****, and moaning and admitting what a **** I am, when I noticed a large group of people behind the flimsy transparent fabric 'wall', and I was shocked!  I didn't know what to do or say. So I pretended I didn't see them, and kept sucking ****. Gradually I got comfortable with being watched with ***** in my mouth, and then I really felt like a ****, and that was when I started feeling so incredilbly horny that I started trying to rub my legs together while I sucked. I looked around and saw four more guys and a couple girls from school off to the side, watching me. God I was a ****! Too late now to pretend otherwise.

Tim bent me over a chair, and I know what was coming. I thought whether I should say no, but somehow I just didn't, and he ****** me in front of everyone! I came twice before he emptied his balls into me, and then Paul ****** me too. Another ******. A couple guys that had been watching moved towards me, and I saw their ***** were out of their pants, pretty hard already. God was that sexy - seeing cute guys with their hard ***** out walking over to me, knowing they could just walk up and put their ***** into me, and I was going to let them! Two strange guys were about to **** me, and I think several more were about to join them!

I only let two of them **** me, though a few others were feeling my **** while I was getting ******, and then felt I needed to stop it. I looked up at everyone looking at me, and knowing what a **** I am! I grabbed my clothers and didn't even put them on, I just walked completely nude into the house and out to the car, where I dressed. I left, not knowing that they had video of the whole thing! After that, everyone at school, and most of the men in town, saw the video of me sucking ***** and getting ******, and saying how much I felt like a ****, and from then on they all knew knew what a **** I am. I got asked out a LOT, and most of the time I said no, but I did get ****** a LOT, by young boys and men from town as well as my classmates, and even once repeated the ********.

Well when I married  my husband, I didn't tell him any of this, at first. But as I mentioned above, after awhile I started to realize how horny it made him to hear about my past. It gave us an active sex life - he couldn't keep his hands off me. After awhile I realized that after hearing about what a **** I had been, and how I loved a real man taking me and forcing me to suck him or whatever he wanted, my husband would become incredibly submissive to me. For example, I could just, out of the blue, bend over and he would come up behind me and get on his knees behind me and pull down my pants and panties and lick my ***. He loved licking my ***, he would make horny moaning sounds with his tongue in my ***. Wanting to see how far to take it, I bought a strap-on and started using it on him, and then started taking him to lingerie departments, holding the panties up to him so that everyone knew they were for him, and even had a lady fit him for a bra. My husband didn't like the idea at first, but he LOVED being humiliated. And I made him wear panties all the time, even to work. Even a couple times when we went to a semi-private beach, I made him wear panties so when he changed on the beach everyone saw him ***** to panties and then take them off and replace them with a woman's bikini bottom. The women liked it and sometmes laughed, the men must have thought 'what a *****!'.  OK, on to the main story.

By this time I had been dating other men for awhile, and my husband would help me dress for dates. He was so cute - the first time I went out with his best friend, I had a sexy bra and panty set on, and he begged me to take them off and go braless and panty-less under my dress. His friend took me to a baseball game, and the wind was blowing my dress up like crazy. Finally I quit trying to hold it down and just let all the guys see my *** and *****. They all saw me almost naked from the waist down. My date told me he was proud to be seen with such an accomodating and pretty woman. After a few beers, when I had to pee, I asked him to walk me to the rest room. I had an idea. The women's line is always so long, that sometimes a woman or two will go into the men's. I told my date (Brad) that I couldn't wait, so please take me into the men's (to 'protect' me). I had to stand in line a bit, and then walked up to the first free urinal (I didn't go into a stall - I "couldn't wait"), and with all those men in the rom watching me, I pulled my dress up to my chest so I was nude from there down, and I peed into the urinal. A few men clapped and a few made comments, like 'nice ***!'. After I asked Brad if that was OK, but he had an erection so I knew it was.

After he wanted to take me to a hotel, but I asked him to take me home. When we got there, we were feeling good and really horny, but I don't think Brad expected me to ask him to stay. I explained to him that my husband really wanted to watch me with someone, and I dropped to my knees and opened his pants. That was all the convincing it took. Brad ****** my mouth for a few minutes and I could feel him ready to shoot into my mouth. So I pulled away, and told him I wanted to make it last as long as we could. So we made out on the couch, and that was when my husband came in. He was shocked to see me half nude, with Brad's hand on my **** and ***,  but I could see the excitement on his face instantly, not just slightly excited but really fascinated, and I knew he wanted to watch us sooo badly.

I told my husband to ***** and sit on the couch and watch. Brad felt me up and kissed me, and then started going down on me. My husband was stroking his ****, and I wanted to keep him horny too, so I told him firmly be better not come until I told him. He groaned and complained but he said OK. Then I got my wild idea. My husband wanted to watch me have sex with his friend so badly that he would do almost anything, and his best friend Brad wanted to **** me so badly that I thought he might be agreeable to almost anything also.  I wanted to see something that I had barely thought of before. I ordered my husband to come over to us. I said "look how much bigger Brad's **** is than yours!" and "it's beautiful, isn't it honey?". My husband didn't answer. That annoyed me, so I made him say how much bigger Brad's **** is - really how much bigger. My husband finally mumbled he thought it was about 3 or 4 inches bigger. I made my husband say his friend's **** was beautiful. Then, filled with crazy lust, I told my husband "look how hard it is! Come here, and feel it". My husband tried to ignore that, so I said louder "Get on your knees and give me your hand!". When he did, I brought it over to his friend's **** and told him firmly he had better hold it and see what a real man's **** should feel like. I couldn't tell if my husband was more humiliated or turned on! Wow! I loved it! I wanted to make him comply and to be submissive, so I made my husband stroke his best friend's ****! Then while he played with his ****, I made my husband keep saying how nice and big his friend's **** is, and how much he liked touching it! God, that humiliated my hubby. But he did it, and he was so hirny the precum was just dripping off his little rock-hard penis!

OK, now the worst. I liked the freedom I had, and I liked Brad, and I wanted to be completely free to have sex with whoever I wanted whenever I wanted. I wanted to cement my new relationship with my husband. And I got the perfect idea. I made my husband lean forward and take his best friend's **** into his mouth. I made him hold it there, and told him to feel how hard it was, and how smooth and soft the skin on the head was. My husband was shaking, he was so excited. I put my hands behind my husband's head and forced his head forward onto Brad's ****, and started him in a slow bobbing motion, sucking ****. We gave him instructions on how to better suck his friends ****, and I made them humiliating, like "a real man likes his balls sucked - get down there ***** and show Brad how much you want to lick his balls!"  and "do you feel like a ***** now, kissing your best friend's *** and licking his balls ?"  My hubby realy felt like a ***** when I made him kiss and lick his friends *** cheeks. I didn't let him stop sucking his friend until Brad unloaded his balls into my hubby's mouth. God what a sight! Brad's intense ******, Brad's shock at coming in his best buddy's mouth, my husband's shock at what he just did, and come dribbling down my husband's face. I used my finger to scoop it up and put it into my husband's mouth and made him swallow it all.

After that, we all pretty much knew that thigs would never go back to how they were. After about 15 minutes I made my husband suck Brad's **** again till it was fully hard, and then to emphasize what a ***** he is, I made him keep sucking and told him to keep sucking his friend until he came in his mouth again. My husband accepted my orders and didn't object. But I wanted Brad's come this time and I wanted to be ******, so I pulled my husband away and told Brad I was his, he could do what ever he wanted to me. Brad bent me over the sofa and ****** me from behind, with my husband watching with a look of awe on his face. It was great. I was so crazy turned on that I came three times before Brad shot his load into me.

That is how we started our new life, with my husband a loving cuckold who loves sucking my boyfriends ***** to get them hard and ready for me as much as he loves watching me get ******. One thing that surprised me again was that when my husband's friends started hearing that he was a ***** who let his friends **** his wife, my husband decided to just give in to them and let them do what they want with me. He will invite them over to watch a game, or for dinner, and then he'll act extremely nice and also submissive to them, giving them the idea that they are in charge and can do what they want with me. He gave me ideas on how to get them to be assertive with me, for example I'll come out of the bedroom with my pants zipper 'stuck' and my hisband will be busy and will suggest that one of them 'help her get her zipper down'. After the first time his friend took a chance and just pulled my pants all the way down! I LOVED standing there with my pants down to my ankles and no panties on in front of 3 of my husband's friends, and after pouting a bit, I asked his friend 'can I pull up my pants now?' Thankfully he took the hint, and said 'NO'. So I stold there with my pants around my ankles, and after a minute they all realized they could do whatever they wanted and they came over and started feeling my *** and my *****. They just took off my top without and hesitation.  Soon I was on my knees with 3 hard ***** in front of my face. I made my husband go put on a pair of big silky white bloomer panties and slowly stoke his little penis while watching us. After Bob came in me, I made my husband get on his knees and suck him hard again.

Now all the neighbor men, and my husband's co-workers, and friends, know that if I like them, they are free to take me, mouth or *****, pretty much whenever they want. And they sometimes want it where anyone might see, like handjobs and ******** in the theater, ******* me in front of everyone at parties, telling me to go to my husband's work and letting everyone see them taking me into the store room to suck their *****, etc. Sometimes they tell my husband to come along, and make him watch, or even make him help me suck their *****, and some of them get off on coming in my husband's mouth in front of his co-workers and friends.

Yes, I am a ****, no doubt. But my husband's just as big a ****. I guess we're made for each other.

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excellent story

My wife and I have done this not as a lifestyle but for some occasional fun. The first time was in our pool where I was pushed underwater and had my mouth stuffed while she watched. Just as he was about to explode she took over and swallowed his ***. Needless to say this has been repeated and my breath holding now exceeds 3 minutes.

Very hot story

Rocking hot story! Made my **** hard!

Very erotic story..


It "sucks" to be him. . . and I wish I was.

still having these adventures?

Damn! That's exactly what my married girl friend did to HER husband. She and I had been ******* for a few months when she told me she would go home after our sessions and make him eat her...LOL! I was astounded....but turned on! She turned into an extremely hot ***** after she told me. I would **** her to death and send her home with a present for hubby....from me...LOL!

Finally, when the three of us got together so he could watch his **** wife turn me inside out with her mouth and ****, I called him over and ordered him to lick my slimy ****. You should have seen the look on his face as he looked down at my semi-erection and balls hanging low, fresh from ******* his wife's well lubed vagina. She looked at him and said...."if you don't lick him clean, you won't be in here to watch us....ever again". She said..."in fact, I want to see you suck him off...get on your knees and suck his ****". He turned white and started shaking. He realized that the moment of his emasculation was the hands of his own wife (who was very eager for it) and her lover....ME!!

He got on his knees in front of me and I stepped forward and wiped my oozing **** on his lips. It was fantastic! He looked up at me as if begging me to let him I was going to do His wife watched expectantly as I put one hand on his head and the other on my **** and literally fed him my stiffening ****. It was unbelievable...the physical feeling of his lips, tongue and throat around my ****...but the sheer sexual excitement of having total control and power over this former husband, now wimp. After 10 minutes of enjoying his mouth and his degradation, I did ********* in his mouth.

I never realized I had such a sadistic streak in me...she brought it out though...and we continued playing for several months after that. The scenarios got even more sadistic.

I just ****'n loved your storie/thanks

Wow - this is one of the best stories ever. It's rare I have to play with myself all the way through reading a story. So good to hear about you forcing your husband to suck dicks. Wish I was your husband. xxx

That is a great story!! How much is true? We also talk alot about this kind of life, and have done a few things, but have not yet adopted the life full time.

great story that is my fantasy

one hot storyone hot woman luv ur story plz i wanna hear more of **** wife tlents

I've had a lot of hard ons reading stories here...but none that got me as ready to blow without touching my ****....this was as close as I can get! GREAT GREAT story, you AND your hub are both lucky *****

He's a lucky man!

I loved this the first time I read it and even after some time it still gets me rock hard.

ink you are correct, that you and you hub were made for each other. Very sexy stuff, great story!

dont know what to say except your husband a very lucky man

Your story has made me very horny and has made me crave a hard **** to suck.

wow, amazingly hot story. I loved how you became so comfortable with your sexuality and how you got your husband to join you in this. Great experiences. Thanks for sharing. Wish I was you!

its very funny that i would do the same to my wife i would ask all kinds of questions about the lovers she had before i met her and it excited me greatly i would be hard all the time we talked i loved to hear details about their penises because i was curious about what it was like to have a hard one in my mouth i later found out and loved it and i still do

WOW...with you as his domme, he's going to satisfy a lot of horny guys. Now, I need his sucking mouth to stuff my stiff, dripping ****...LOL!! THEN YOU'RE NEXT BABY...YAHOO!!


wow..super hot story....your hubby is very lucky!

What a great story ! Your husband is a luck chic.

I would LOVE an experience like that dp.