I Wish

Im lisa54 . I have never been forced feminization . But Ive always thought about it and what it would be like. all I ever had was my aunt and uncle that taught me. I know this isnt a story but I read some of these stories and how I wish.
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A great way I've found to explore my feminine side is to go to a BDSM mistress who specializes in Forced Feminization. You can find them in your area by going to maxfisch.com. Make an appointment, meet her and give her control for a couple of hours and you will do femme things that you may have thought of, but never had the courage to actually do. It is a great, safe way to get feminized, if just for a while!

Hi Lisa
I was forced to be a baby not a girl, later my step sister got me to be the girl i'm today that's why I like being a baby/toddler girl I still love being a big girl cuz I like my bikini panties,skirts, tops, heels and all.....but I feel for you girlfriend.
Hugs and Kisses. Robyn

Well good for you at lease you had some body some of us don't have any body hope some day we meet and have some fun.
Hug and Kisses Robyn