Want To Be Feminized, But Are Reluctant?

From reading these experiences, I can tell that there are lots of guys out there who secretly love the idea of exploring their feminine side, but, for one reason or another, have just not acted on that idea.

I secretly wore panties under my business attire for many years. Since retiring, I'm now more able to wear the bras, nylons and garter belts that feel so very nice mext to my skin. But my family situation prevents me from being as femme as I would like as often as I would like. Sound familiar?

A few years ago, I stumbled on a website called maxfisch.com. Its basicaly a directory of BDSM mistresses, arranged geographically. If you explore those in your area and look closely at their interests and specialties, you will find some that really get into forced feminization. They even maintain an inventory of all sorts and sizes of lingerie, wigs, and female attire that they use in creating their sissies. In pre-session discussion, they will always determine your limits and provide you with a safeword which will keep things from getting out of hand.

In a forced fem session, you will be ******** down, humiliated some, dressed in provacative lingerie, made up by an experienced woman, outfitted in a wig, a dress and heels. You will be taught female mannerisms, how to walk in heels, how to apply & maintain makeup, how to talk, etc. You will be quite surprised at your appearance when the mistress has worked her magic. It's one thing to dress yourself up and make yourself up, but to have a real woman with an interest in perfection do it, WOW!

From that point, some mistresses will want to take you "out" as their girlfriend and show you off to their friends or to have lunch or coffee! (I even had a mistress insert a remote controlled vibrating butt plug, take me out to dinner and then torment me all through dinner!) If you are into it, many will use their ******* with their new sissy.

While I like to visit as many different mistresses as possible for variety, I have developed a few favorites with whom I seem to hit is off really well. This special chemistry really adds to the feminine excitement and, on succeeding visits, my feminine side gets stretched more and more.

A session with a forced fem mistress will likely cost you $200-$300, but I just look at it as the price of my sanity and my personal entertainment. Since beginning this feminine journey, I have given up golf and now spend my old golf budget for my "Feminization Budget" What a thrill! I now have a repertoire of feminine experiences to savor and recall. Whenever I do, the feminine juices begin to flow.....
DonnaSue10 DonnaSue10
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4 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Thanks for posting it made my day! This is exactly how I am very open to the idea but very terrified at the same time

I have never had the inclination to be forcibly feminized until I read your story Donna. I may have to try it!

I would love to be forced! I will even bring my own heels!

That's great Donna and it sounds like, especially with your family situation, you found a way to explore and enjoy your femme side and enjoy yourself. As for me, it was never forced feminization ... I went willingly and eagerly! ;-)