Forced To Be Nude

Having been forced to be nude at quite a few occasions, has in some ways made me a stronger person. Although I never minded sleeping nude or being nude around the house with Brad around, I always felt very humiliated around others. Especially, when it was the result of Brad telling me that I had to be nude and as I was not always very compliant in the beginning, he eventually took away any access for me to even wear or have clothes. Most of the time that was because I reacted in ways that I shouldn't and blamed it in my monthly curse - which he called my monthly unpleasantness. In the beginning of our relationship, Brad had me answer a lot of questions. And to be short, I rather get spanked, whipped, tied up or whatever, but don't take away my clothes. Which is exactly what he did to get my attention. It was especially a problem, when people came over and Brad refused to let me dress. Although it did not happen a lot, it did happen. I don't know that there is anything like "the worst experience". To me they all were nerve wracking. Brad's cousin lives across from us and he and his family are nudists. They do not practice the lifestyle we do, but they had a swimming poll, before we did and I had to go there on occasion completely nude. Although they were just as nude, I still was embarrassed. Things have gotten a little bit easier over the years, but I still feel at a loss, if I have to undress and stay nude for a period of time.
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Cathy, does it seem like no matter what you do correctly, there will always come a variation that tests your devotion?

My clothes are in a shed outside, that's locked. But I have no say at all about what I wear or if I wear anything at all. <br />
But I would be interested to hear more about your punishment clothes. Does that mean you have to dress for punishment?

Hmm, intriguing thought, having to dress rather than undress, LOL. I am afraid my husband would have ideas with this, I don't know that I even want to think that far.
Anyway, these are clothes that often reveal more than they hide. I have cut-offs, that are so short, we call them the 10% shorts, because they just barely cover anything, for example

do you get a thrill from going to the shop or a social occasion in very revealing clothes?

A few years ago, we renovated the house and I now have a room for all my clothes - which unfortunately can be locked and only my husband has the combination. Thus, I have no access to my clothes or even the ability to cover. Luckily we live very remote and there are very few incidents, where someone sees me in my birthday dress. <br />
But sometimes it also is even worse, if I have to go somewhere and my husband "allows" me to wear "punishment clothes".