Will I Ever Learn?

Brad had made it quite clear, that I would not be allowed to be dressed at our annual derby party.After all, I was being punished for something I very much regret doing and admit that punishment was due. But, I really was very nervous about this one. In part, because I knew that my brother was coming with his wife and there was a colleague of mine and her husband. Since I had to to give up my soft limits and my safe-word, that included my right to veto or asking for an alternative. I asked anyway. Brad kept shaking his head as in "motion denied". This was not just an issue of me going and simply getting dressed or even hiding. I knew that would make things much worse. I was setting the table in the back with fried chicken and finger-food, when the first guests arrived. They were some of Brad's friends and, yes, quite pleasantly surprised.
Brad waved me inside and we went to my clothing room. He handed me a crepe dress, which I thankfully put on. It was a bit flimsy, but better than nothing.
The party went well and everyone had a good time. After the guests left, that's when the other shoe dropped.
The problem is, I don't quite know what Brad has in mind. He just grins and I know that he is scheming.
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Would love to hear what happened next :)

The other shoe:<br />
All my privileges and soft limits have been suspended until the end of the year. BUT, I can get them back, if I am really, really good and don't cause anymore trouble. <br />
Since I was the one, who set the soft limits, I can chose to reinstate one every 30 days. Since he has given me privileges, I will have to earn them back and he will give me one every 45 days. If I mess up, I will have to start all over again with my privileges and lose one soft limit. I already know that I will not get everything back, but most and that is good, but also very scary.

i would have laid out a platter of food over your body and the guests could have eaten off it

I entertain our guests in the nude all the time. That is the part that least is embarrassing for me. I have been spanked in front of guests, which is somewhat the most humiliating for me, because I let Master down.

Being spanked in front of company is always humiliating but for me the worst is if someone comes over AFTER I have been punished and I am standing in the corner. I dread the inevitable question "what did she do"?

I don't get corner-time. The worst for me is being in the dog kennel (no dogs) in the back yard, all day until he comes home.