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Not Forced, But Coerced & Tricked Into Nudity

At an Orient Beach Bikini Shop
(FYI, I posted this a few weeks ago with a couple other Experience Groups)

... This is an erotic experience that I had while vacationing with my wife Bonnie at St. Martin quite a few years ago. My wife Bonnie & I visited St. Martin regularly back then and enjoyed visiting or staying at Orient Beach, as well as enjoying our nudity at Cupecoy Beach and other St. Martin Beaches.
... We decided to spend the afternoon at Orient Beach, and drove to the public parking area adjacent to Club Orient, unlike today, there were just a few little shacks & tents that peddle various T-shirts and the like back then. Bonnie wanted to browse. Oh great.
... Bonnie zeroed in on a little shop right on the beach near Pedro's BBQ stand. The shop sold bikinis, thongs & such. This shop was a walk-thru, one side open toward the other shops, the other end open onto the nude/topless beach. Of course, this is French St. Martin, so most everything on display was G-strings, thongs, sheer cover-ups, etc.
... The French shopkeeper was 40ish, slim & nicely built. She was wearing one of the items that were for sale, basically a leather string around the waist with suede fringe hanging in front. And of course, she was wearing no top whatsoever. With a bronze all-over tan, she looked great in that little uh, swimsuit.
... This little shop was fairly busy, always seemed to have at least a few women in it at any given time, and it was about the size of a two car garage. And of course, being on a nude beach, there was no changing room. At the time, I was the only man in the shop, and wondered if I was even welcome there, but Bonnie pointed out that they also sold men's swimwear.
... Women and girls were trying on all these tiny suits right before my eyes, Bonnie included. Some walked in right off the beach topless, and tried things on. With help from the shopkeeper, Bonnie picked out a thong and a wrap-around thing she liked. Bonnie tried to convince me to try on a black thong. I was a little skeptical about trying it on, first thinking I'd never wear it, and second, the embarrassment because the activity in the shop had given me half a stiffy. But with Bonnie insisting, I found a spot behind a rack, and I slipped off my baggy shorts, and quickly pulled on a thong that Bonnie had chosen.
... The shopkeeper immediately came over to us, and said how great I looked in it. She took me by the hand and led me right over to the open area in the store where the mirror was so I could see for myself. OMG, when that woman touched me, I thought I was melting, except for my ****, getting harder by the second. Then she's touching me more, making me turn around in front of the mirror. I was sweating bullets, trying to think of other things other than my predicament.
... Then the shopkeeper grabbed a different thong, suggested I try that one on as well. Bonnie chimed in also, insisting that I try it. I was aware of a few other women in the shop, but they didn't seem to be paying any attention to us. So I peel off that thong right there in the middle of the shop, handing the shopkeeper the black one. I wondered what the lady's reaction would be, knowing that while not fully erect, I was obviously by no means limp, I'd call it 60% and still growing by the second. She simply smiled and handed me her choice, a red one, which I again quickly put on. "OK, OK, I'll take it," I said. But it wouldn't be that easy for me, she first had to inspect it, motioning for me to turn around, tugging at the thong to make sure everything was straight, patting me on my bare butt, signaling me to turn back around. If I had any hope of reversing the blood rushing to my ****, with the pat on the butt, all hope was lost. Then she nodded in approval, and stood there with her hand out, waiting for me to take it back off.
... By now, I was a heartbeat away from popping into a hard-as-nails erection, and hoping my **** wouldn't just jump right out of the thong. "It's OK, I'll just wear it," I said reaching for my shorts.
... But my wife protested, "Steve, don't be silly, just take it off." So I quickly looked around the shop, still one else seemed to be paying any attention to us. I just pulled off the thong, my aching **** springing free. Yes, there I was sporting 7 inches of hard **** with the shopkeeper and anyone of the other women in the shop checking me out.
... While only seconds ago I was trying my best not be caught in this situation, I now felt a rush like I never before. I stood there frozen, looking eye to eye with the shopkeeper, who kept glancing down at my ****, and back to eye contact, as a broad beaming smile spread across her beautiful face.
... After what seemed like minutes, but probably just seconds, she took the thong from my hand. As she turned to walk away, she then playfully and oh so slowly dragged the thong across my throbbing ****! I was lucky I'd didn't blow a load right there. She was looking over her shoulder and still smiling at me as she walked to the cash box to finish the sale!
...Bonnie was now waving my shorts in front of me, breaking my trance. I slipped on the shorts, paid for our stuff and I practically dragged Bonnie back to our bungalow for a much needed **** fest. We decided to skip the beach that afternoon. I can't remember ever being so horny.
... In retrospect, I now realize that the shopkeeper and Bonnie, without speaking a word, had somehow spontaneously conspired to tease and totally humiliate me. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, the shopkeeper, Bonnie, or me.
SteveZR1 SteveZR1 56-60, M 3 Responses Jul 14, 2013

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I too remember that almost nude french saleswoman. Unfortunately, neither my wife nor I tried anything on so no erotic experience like yours. We had walked in, did not see her at first. We were looking at some sarong when I heard her voice asking if we needed help. What a sight to look up and see two perky VERY tanned **** staring at you from inches away and that thong that barely covered her front. Hehehe.
This was in the nineties. She is not there anymore nor anyone else like her.

Haha! I've been to that same shop and met the same woman! (She looked quite awesome in the little outfit she was wearing, didn't she!)

We were with friends, another couple, and I just 'had' to try on a thong, too. Tried on several, with my wife, our friends, and several customers watching -- including a mother and her teenaged daughter, both quite topless.

Ah, Orient Beach - a wonderful place!

Best Wishes, AT

P.S. Did you ever take the morning walk of the length of the beach nude?

Yes, Orient Beach was quite the place. Hopefully it still is, haven't been there in years. Seems like you had quite the erotic experience there yourself!
.. Morning nude walk? short answer, no. When we first visited Orient Beach, you could walk the beach nude at any time. But as the beach became more developed walking the entire beach nude was frowned upon. That's when the early AM nude strolls became the norm.
... Of course, nudity day & night at Club O. beach is the norm, and also tolerated at times at Esmeralda. Or last trip to Orient we stayed at Esmeralda and enjoyed sunning nude there no problem, although we were in the minority. Topless was the norm at Esmeralda though.

Unfortunately, Orient beach has changed some. It is still a great place but not nearly as much as before. Except for nude area in front of Club Orient, toplessness is only about 50% and becomes even less common when cruise ship passengers flood the beach. Same goes for women in thongs, far less common than 15 years ago.

Thanks for sharing.... Would love to be in that situation:)