My First Car

I was 18 when I got my first car. I had been looking for something a bit interesting instead of the pedestrian Chevy Nova or AMC Hornet that was common at the time (1980). My Dad, being a hard-core GM man, steered me towards GM, but I wanted something 'different'. Then it appeared ... a 1970 Mustang Grande! Red, 302, auto and a cool black vinyl top, but only on the front half of the roof. So for $325, I drove off with it. Talk about rust!!! It got more attention from me than any car I've owned since, though not enough to prevent one of the rear leaf shackles from popping up through the trunk floor. Considering how standard is was, it went like Hell and gave the Camaros of that time a run for their money.

I'd love to have another one, but one in much better condition.
46-50, M
Jan 22, 2011