Mustangs Rock

loving mustangs comes from my childhood. a neighbor down the street used to fix them up. he fixed up this fine red and white 1966 one for his youngest son. i think that car left an imprint. cause i still love them today. i even owned a 2000 electric green one. it was all mine. that was til my jerk of an ex wrecked it one night while i was asleep. but that is a diffrent story. now every time i see one i remember actually being a little happy with that car. more with the car than the ex. lol.
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1 Response May 7, 2011

i love mustangs to, i got my first when just out of hi school. a 69 fast back that i still own today, although its quite differant than it was back then, i also wrecked it (although im not a jerk i dont think) LOL and now its a race car that i built entirely on my own.. check it out in my photos if you like ...