Love Them All

I have a 66 Mustang coupe. Its signal flare red with black interior and a V8. I bought it about 30 years ago when my old college roomate traded it in on a new Camaro. I take it on the Woodward Dream Cruise every year. It's mostly stock and needs restoration. It's a 50-50 car. It looks best from 50 feet away when it's moving 50 mph. My son says he gets the car when I am dead. I like the late models too. I would like to get a new GT but I commute over 100 miles per day and should probably get something more economical.

coldinmichigan coldinmichigan
46-50, M
4 Responses Feb 13, 2009

I had a chance to buy a '66 GT a few years back, and passed up on it. What a fool. Now I have a '05 GT, and love it. By the way I commute 40 miles each way every day with my Mustang, and gets as much as 24 MPG. And it still loads of fun. Zoom zoom.

The reason not to have too many more cars is that I already have six. Unfortunately they are all beaters. The only other interesting one I own is a 1985 Toyota MR2. It's fun to drive but mid engine cars are a pain to work on

No reason not to have both. I have a nice gas guzzling V8 which I only take out when I wanna let rip, however I do start it and let it run for 15 minutes everyday in the garage. That in itself uses quite a bit of gas, but I love that car and will NEVER get rid of it.

She sounds like a sweet car. You can't be the classics! Unless you are referring to fuel efficiency of course.....