Foreplay 66



I am so excited to share with you the new sex foreplay position that I have designed.  I am taking the credit for designing this position because i have not heard if it before and neither have I read this type of for play any where.  This is absolutely original.   


This is a fantastic game for fore play.  It was my girl who said that she is feeling very itchy in her nipples and wanted me to suckle hard.  I started suckling and we were in missionary position.  I was on top pressing both her boobs together with my palm and making them as big as possible and suckling them and looking at them with pride that they are sooooo big and I love to suckle big boobs looking at their size.  I was enjoying suckling and licking her sweet boobs beautifully painting with my tongue as brush and saliva as paint and this is when I got an idea that she can also suckle my nipples when I am suckling hers.

So I made her occupy the bottom half of the bed lying on her back.   I reversed my position and I was kneeling away from her head and bent down to take her left nipple in my mouth.  At this position she was able take my left nipple in her mouth.   I took possession of her right boob with my right hand to massage them beautifully while resting on my right elbow.  She started massaging my right nipple with her right hand.   I stretched my left hand took hold of her ***** and started gently massaged it well.  Now came the thrilling move from her.  She stretched her left hand took hold of my **** which was hanging like a banana from a tree with their grapes behind them.  Whoooooooooo what a Feeeeeeelingggggg……… We were thrilled and thrilled enjoying this for a long time playing with each other.   I had a nipple in my mouth, a boob in my right hand and a ***** in the left hand. So I was enjoying three sensations at the same time, and it is not over.   I had also the sensation of three more feelings on my body.  Her mouth on my nipple, her right hand massaging my other nipple and her other hand massaging my ****.   So add three more sensations to my feelings.  Ohh it was great.  Lifting my head from her nipple I asked her how is it???? She said Oooooohh it is great!!!!!!   So we both of were enjoying six erotic sensations at the same time.  So I call it 66..  It is great.   This must be played as a prelude to 69 because when we moved to 69 after we played 66 for about 20 minutes, that 69 was the most memorable, and  so beautiful you need to experience it to feel it.   There are no words to describe it.  Experience it with your partner. 

Frank the DESIGNER of 66

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I would love to receive messages from all my sex loving friends that you have tried 66 and you feel the same thrill that I enjoyed with my partner..... Frank