Two **** Videos On Tumblr With Some Educational Value

The links below are NSFW!!!!
A Wikimedia Commons image of the natural penis:

The only way to appreciate how the foreskin looks is by studying the limp penis, and most men under 50 or so cannot remain limp when examined by a woman. Note that the penis does not hang down as much as the scrotum; most men do not have long penises when they are limp. I have no idea if the amount of foreskin shown here is typical or unusual. This image does justice to what I look like when I am fully limp.

Tumblr is relatively safe as **** media go, and does not require paying or registering to view. No advertising, no annoying pop-ups.

The first video is a half hour long, and stars the 54 year old professional adult film actress, Nina Hartley.*****-a-young

Hartley says that she did her first **** shoot in 1984, a bit before the 27 year old she is playing with was born. She says kind things about his being natural, and her main reason for talking that way could be politeness. But it is also possible that this seasoned cyberwhore could be sincere and speaking from a very large body of personal experience.

This much shorter video features an unknown delivering the best foreskin worship I've ever seen.****

These videos reflect an evolution in our erotic culture. Last century, **** never revealed the foreskin (although later I learned that many American male **** actors are intact). When the camera was running, they were fully retracted. Later, the foreskin was occasionally revealed, but it never played a material role in the sexual acts depicted. The internet led me to discover gay ****, which does fixate on the foreskin. But women worshiping foreskin, and doing things that take advantage of it, is a tendency that is only a few years old. I bet it will grow, and that college women in their dorm rooms will be among the viewers.
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Brilliant post, thnx

I've always wondered with the foreskin intact, wether it prolongs coitis. That is, with the head of the penis sheathed, is it less sensitive. I watched both videos with great interest.
With Nina on her back, it seems he was manipulating the foreskin at times and then inserting it into Nina.
The second oral video was quite good. I have to say she had a wonderful feel for the foreskin in pleasuring him.
Yes, very instructive, and ahem, stimulating ...
Thanks for sharing this .. Monique

yes, it does like foreskin looks to have more texture or roughness than the head of the penis .. had never thought about it during sex . .

Yes, I've known about Nina for quite some time. She is a very smart and saavy business woman who not only participates, but scripts and directs **** films .. For as long as I have been watching her, she often wears black framed glasses giving her that secretary librarian look, or more the professional business woman who as you say knows what she wants and is "in control of her destiny.
I learned the cold, hard, direct style from her in dealing with men for sex, especially when they were paying me. I usually worked in hotels that were already in my sales territory, and along with my business suit and briefcase, wore black frame glasses for the added professional look.
Along with her figure, Nina still has an amazing great figure, beautiful skin, which I am envious of.

My dear Consa,
The oldest profession was gardening, not prostitution, with animal husbandry as a second major. Poor Adam had to manage the entire garden of Eden with no insruction manual. Eve didn't help any, she kept talking to the animals.
After my marriage broke up, I was working as a district sales manager for a major auto parts chain. I rose to this position after starting as delivery driver, inventory, and counter person. I got picked up in hotels regularly. A slightly drunken man in an elevator one night asked me, "How much?" I said, "How much do you think I'm worth?" $150 he answered. So I tried it. From there I builit a clientle of married business men who traveled often and had corporate expense accounts.

I agree there are ther worse things than prostitution.

One of my favorite **** queens was Jennifer West .. She was very pretty and came across as the girl next door, often in skirt, sweater, and scarf, though wearing stockings and garters and very lacey underneath. I used a similar style, but never had to dress in a provocative manner, and often did my hooking in just a business suit.

Expenses with some companies could be listed under miscellaneous, meals, entertainment (theatre tickets), a round of golf (somethimes for four), or even a massage.
$2300 would buy a lot condoms ..

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Good Videos

you are right, awesome treatment of the foreskinned penis.