Sleepy Hollow

I am not much on Winter. I do love my forest, my trees to be green. But no matter, I can enjoy, love my woods... forest of trees anytime of the year.

Yesterday I had some time on my hands... no place I had to go at any time. *smile*
I took a road home I haven't driven in awhile, after I picked up my supplies from town.
It's a road that leads to hollow, a path of woods someone donated to the State to preserve. Anyone is welcome. No hunting, no cutting trees, no open fires is all they ask.

I came to a bridge that ran over this beautiful creek, on this dirt road. I had to stop so I pulled over, got out of my truck and took a walk around in the forest. It was so quiet, other than my steps on the dried-out leaves and limbs, everything was sleeping. Nothing was moving, but I could feel them watching me, these trees that surrounded me. I stopped in awe, listened, inhaled the fresh air and absorbed the beauty around me. Peace came to me.

I LOVE my forest, my wooded land of many trees. *smile*
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

Beautiful imagery. Thank you for that.

It was a beautiful moment!