Redwoods Are My Home

  I was not raised in the Redwoods, but Los Angeles California.   When I first visited the Giant Redwoods with my adopted parents I felt at fome.  I later discovered that my biological family has existed in this area for hundreds of years.  There is something refreshing and familiar about the forest.  The granjure of the mighty trees that have stood since the time of Christ is comforting to me.  The thought of generations of my forefathers hunting in these woods is inspiring to me.  These trees thrive on the moist air and fog from the Pacific.  The air is crisp and clean, if you know where to look cold clear pure water flows from springs. There are sacred places that have been used by my people to meditate and seek spiritual guidance deep in the woods.  This is why the Redwoods are my home, and always will be so.

pakettle pakettle
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1 Response Feb 11, 2010

I love to go to Redwoods NP when I was visiting USA. Unfortunately, the closest I could get to is just the forest along the coast near Los Altos Hills but it was still nice. :-)