Can't Wait

I let myself go.

Like forty pounds go.

Whatever someone tells you, you can't fit into those clothes, any of them, once that happens.

So, I finally got serious about eight weeks ago.  That was ten pounds ago.  Two or a bit more pounds a week is sustainable, barely noticeable, and easy on your heart.  And here I am twelve pounds down.  Twenty-eight to go. 

I can't wait.  I can't wait because I am going to go buy a couple of suits when I get there.  And I am going to wear them.  This is going to be great.
TheSquirrel TheSquirrel
51-55, M
3 Responses Aug 4, 2012

Good spirit. I bet u are happy with what u hv seen now. And u should share ur pic before and after with the new clothes!

Pizza is also my biggest downfall. I could probably eat pizza everyday.... I tend to go up and down the scale depending on the amount of willpower I have. It never lasts long enough unfortunately.
Good luck to you :)

Did you stay as determined and excited through the next 28 pounds and if so, where did you wear your fancy new suits? lol

I am currently down fifteen pounds. As it always seems, there are plateaus. I have discovered what my heroin is, though -- pizza. Not hooch, not sodas -- pizza. So, I have to make it myself. That takes some work, so the consumption levels are lower. I am still on the path.