It Has Been Awhile Since I Bought A Suit

It has been awhile since I last bought a suit.  I haven't had to since I live in a city that doesn't place a lot of value on looking your best and I haven't needed one for work in a long time.

I started looking at suits this week and found that the narrow lapel is back.  I suppose it's been back for awhile.  Also, the shoulders still seem to be padded and pointy.  Can a man with a normal girth pull off wearing such a suit?  I'm not Joel McHale.  I'm not The Face, either. 

Also, do these suits have vents?

TheSquirrel TheSquirrel
51-55, M
1 Response Mar 11, 2010

I also love FORMAL clothing. So much so that I have several Black Tuxedos-different button stances but no more than 3-a Midnight Blue Tuxedo, a Brown Tuxedo (which was After Six's last great moment (and it took over five months to get!) a Silverish Grey tux which doesn't see a lot of wear and two White Dinner Jackets although the second one was bought with matching trousers. I also have a lot of cummerbund and bow tie sets as well as five vest and bow tie sets amongst which is an espresso color that looks smashing against the black tuxedos and many tuxedo shirts with everything from 1/4 inch pleats to no pleats but all of them with French Cuffs. To keep the shirts fastened, I have a number of high quality Cuff Link and Stud sets (these are referred to as Formal Dress Sets). To answer the vent question, none of my tuxedos have them and I believe that includes my two Stafford Essentials tuxedos (one of which is a replacement for the other-too small a coat). And as to if you can pull off wearing a really good looking tuxedo, put it on and wear it out to an outing-anything from dinner out to a Symphony Concert-and see what reaction you get. Then you'll know for sure. For me, it's the only way to go and yes, I'd even wear a tux to work and hope to real soon.

I looked around again a month ago and found that natural shoulders are back. This is a good thing. I should have tried to lose the extra weight over the last couple of years. Still, once I am reduced to the appropriate size, I will get some suits, needed or not. As for tuxedos, I have one that I have had for the last twenty years. I somehow fit into it for a wedding two years ago. I really enjoyed that.