San Francisco

I got a chance back in 1998 to visit a fortune cookie bakery/factory. There were these ladies making them fresh. It was open to the public, so you walk in, give them your money and then you get a bag of fresh cookies. They were cooled of course so they had a nice crunch. I tried to keep every single little yellow paper. I think it started out with Ling Mei says... I am not sure. If I find them, I will try to share them. They weren't your typical "You are a god and people will worship you and your descendants" type of fortune.

But we got to try samples of the broken fresh ones... ooh wow. I love San Francisco!!!!
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1 Response Jul 29, 2007

I was once having dinner in a Chinese restaurant and when I opened my cookie and read the fortune it said, "For God's sake, please help me! I'm being held prisoner in a Chinese fortune cookie factory!" (True story.)