Fun and Tasty!

I like to finish off Chinese take-out with an Fortune Cookie! No cookie means no fun! :-(

So, I always make sure that my mother or sister do not forget the cookies! Yay! Yes... I know that the cookie is not always accurate in it's fortunes. That's why it's all in fun! Anyone who would take a cookie seriously would be no better than Homer Simpson, when he was going to get an divorce from Marge, because the cookie told him to. =p

But sometimes it's funny... like the first time I decided to quit smoking. I did my homework, saw an doctor, got the gum... had the perfect place to store my lighters and ashtray (so I wouldn't be triggered), and spent all of my money so I wouldn't be tempted to buy any cigs. Then, I had take-out and opened a cookie that said, "All of your preparations will pay off." Gasp! How did it know??? :-o


And I did stay smoke-free, for that month. XD

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Mar 21, 2009