I love the ink. Its so much better than having to press really hard onto a piece of paper, and making the writing look scruffy and not nice to read. My parents have often asked me: "Do you want your eyes tested? You keep putting your head near to the paper when you write/draw?" 

My friends laugh about that one. The fact is- I just love watching the ink. I dont have to press hard, and it just flows onto the paper, however I want it to. I've told my parents this- I dont think they believe me. I just think its to interesting that such a little thing, can hold all the ink, that you use everyday at school. I really do love to use them a lot!

It just flooowss... It's so cool... my friends think Im weird to think of it like that... but its just interesting.

I dont know. Something about the fact you can't erase proper ink, and how you have to be exact and perfect, makes me want to use them- it kind of forces me to be a little bit neater, so I dont waste any ink, by making a mistake and crossing it out! 

DanielxKatie DanielxKatie
13-15, F
Mar 8, 2009