Foxes Live Channel 4.

Did any of you see the programme Foxes Live on Channel 4? 

I would advise you not to.

This programme has made me very dis-pleased, it showed where some people had foxes in their garden and got some professional team to come to their house and kill the foxes, they caught one and shot it on television, i strongly have so much hate with a passion towards these people. They have no right to kill the foxes, i am so upset by it. Foxes to me are beautiful wild animals that should be lest to roam wherever they please, no one stops us doing what we want to, so why should we stop them crating a home or habitat on this planet?! Foxes are wild animals and they are pretty harmless, fox attacks on humans are very rare but if someone or something influences them then they may bite if they are distressed, it's their way of saying "leave me alone". There are some humans on this planet which need to realize what they are doing to these animals. Also, the fact that people just kill the animals for money is outrageous, how can they get pleasure out of killing an innocent animal like a fox. You see many Television programme that talk about animals becoming extinct, most of the time it is human impact on the environment, for example, cutting down tree's in forests, killing animals for the benefit of humans etc. I just wish that the world would accept that animals are apart of this world too and by killing them is harming their species survive. Today, i found out that over 10,000 foxes are killed each year by people shooting them. This is not acceptable and eventually when all animals are extinct the world will realise what they have done and be left feeling guilty for life.

Please Support me and my act to help save animals such as foxes.


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3 Responses May 7, 2012

I agree , there's something about human beings that think they have the God given right to hunt, torture and kill animals that were here before us. It makes my blood boil, I love all animals but have a soft spot for foxes - they are given a bad rep like badger and BTB - people who just dont understand just kill!! I hate to be part of a 'human race ' that think its acceptable ! I'm filled rage that recently people hunting scum dug out a vixen and killed her WHY ??? These animals were here before us they made their habitat before me took the land and we have the right to call them VERMIN ??? Only vermin are the bastards who harm these FACT

I saw it and made my cry :'(

Which must be the reason I nvr see them. Can't stand people who have no respect for wildlife and nature.