I Am A Foxtard.

I am a foxtard and not ashamed at all by that. I have two fox plushies, I paint and draw them a lot. I make fox related jewelry. When I see one in the wild I have a panic attack. If I had a fursuit it would be a red fox or arctic fox. I post pics of the super cute ones on my FB page. I also happen to have a lot in common with them personality wise. I like anime that have kitsune fox spirits in them, but there are WAY too few compared to the endless cat girls and such. You'd think in a country where foxes are worshiped they would get more attention. Oh well, guess I shall continue to make my own. Did I mention I love love LOVe Foxes?
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I really love your frankness. I love when I see foxes. There are many around where I live well, thanks for sharing. rarf.

I'm not quite as forthcoming about it, but I share much of your love for Foxes. I hope to have a fursuit at some point. Just a partial, but I prefer it to the full ones. I've got my tail already.

I have to ask, is your FoxTardedness contagious? Because I'd like to get some of yours. Perhaps it will come through the screen? *Offers Paw* Nice to meet you!

Hmmm i dont think is contagious but, cuz all my friends say foxes are gay :(, but nice to meet you :P

Happy to see you! *Hugs* I can't add you because your a minor, but you can add me if you like. Message me anytime.

*hugs back* but what does minor mean?

Under 18.

Oh ok

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Im FoxTarted too xD