The '80s

when i was younger there was a show on television called" lights, camera, action" hosted by leonard nemoy. it showcased different movies each episode with a slight behind the scenes look. it was an episode of this show which first introduced me to Dune. now i know the movie has mixed reviews by many followers of the TRUE Dune series, but as a 10 year old or so it looked like a fascinating movie. unfortunately, at the time my parents were no where near interested in seeing it so i missed out. years later i found my aunt reading the books. i used to ask her questions and she would lose me in the descriptions of these complex worlds with their even more complex plots within plots. finally, after graduating high-school i remembered i had never seen the movie i found so interesting as a kid, so i rented it. without reading the book, the movie is awesome. i loved it. i watched it countless times. subsequently, as i had children of my own and grew older i decided it was high time to read the first Dune. amazing, i read it three times, then bought the rest of the original cannon of works. i spent the past several years reading the series only to start over again. it is great to find others who may share my passion for the ultimate sci-fi book series.

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The Bedouins and Kalahari Bushmen who probably inspired his book are strange peoples ... if the climate change balloon goes down like Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" warns it may, I'd put my odds on them.