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Some people love Lucy, and I thought I did, until I found Frasier. It is so hilarious!!!

There are so many styles of comedy found in the hit TV series Frasier. It's not just slapstick, it's not just situation comedy, it's the best of everything.

This show also has a lot of intellectual jokes. I may not understand all of them at first, but the more I watch the shows, the more I understand the jokes.

And therefore, I never get tired of the show. Every time I watch an episode I pick up on a joke that I missed before.

The cast is also terrific. What chemistry! They work off from each other so incredibly well. Totally unlike Fred and Ethel, it is completely believable that Niles is in love with Daphne. You could just see the love in his eyes when he called Daphne "My Love" for the first time.

And Kelsey Grammer. What a brilliant and talented actor. He also had a knack for making the audience feel the same things he was feeling. During the Adventures in Paradise two-part episode, I felt my face turning red when Frasier was "caught" trying to make Lilith believe that he was having sex with Madeline. I was actually embarrassed for him.

I can't say that I've gotten into other shows to the point of feeling the same things that the actors were feeling. Only in Frasier have I been able to do this. And only in Frasier can I remember laughing out loud so hard and so many times. One of my favorite funny moments was when Daphne caught Frasier sneaking around in her bathroom while she was taking a shower.

And this show has been known to help people to bond. It's so much more than a show; it's an ongoing story that started way back when Cheers was in its third season. The characters in Frasier are so realistic in that they have interests and likes and dislikes that continue throughout the entire series. You get to know these characters as if they are real people and they become a topic of conversation for you and your friends.

My stepson and I both really enjoy the show. It's the first show that I've watched with him that I didn't think was too childlike. It was the first show that he watched with me that he didn't think was too much over his head. We could both relate to Frasier. And even now if we have trouble thinking of something to talk about or get into those awkward moments when we don't know what to say to one another, we can always talk about Frasier. Sometimes we just sit there and think up funny moments that we've seen or jokes that we've heard on Frasier and laugh about them all over again.

RaggedyAnn RaggedyAnn
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1 Response Apr 30, 2007

I love Frasier too! One of my many favorite episodes is when Niles gets Botox when he first mets Mel. I loved it when Frasier asks him about it and he tried to deny it then Frasier asks him to frown and he cant! That was hilarious! I like the relationship between Frasier and Roz too! My son likes the show too he loves Eddie!