Frasier Is the Best

I didn't start watching Frasier until the reruns - now I wish I would have seen it from the beginning.
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6 Responses Jun 2, 2007

I love it too! Has me in fits of laughter! I only recently got into it.

My hubby and I watch Frasier and Scrubs, too - both funny, funny shows - we have bought all the seasons of Frasier and Scrubs - it's nice to kick back on an evening when there's nothing on TV and watch the comedy.

We definitely have similar tastes in TV watching. I love Scrubs!!! I love the "visualization" parts where their thoughts are shown about a situation. Also, the ego trips are somethin' else. I miss Northern Exposure, 3rd Rock, Ed, and a bunch of others.

It's one of my favourite shows!! I watched when iy originally aired and started buying the box set seasons and now both my sons and i watch 1 episode a night and we ALWAYS have a great laugh. Niles cracks me up with his hidden love of daphne!! The show is brilliant in it's comedy!! The other show which you might like and is on reruns even though they are currently showing their last season is *Scrubs* like Frasier it has a great rythm to its comedy and the charactes are a BLAST!! In time, while we get to know each other, when you feel comfortable I could always mail you the seasons of both or either show. We have seen them and i have burned them, so it would mean very little to me to send them to you, but that i will leave up to you, if you want them they are yours. I always prefer passing things like that to people I know. Keep watching Frasier, it will NEVER let you down, and if you havent seen Scrubs check it out, but syart with the reruns so it doesnt ruin what happens as the plot thickens, lol. If you watch tv, like i do and if you are on facebook, join the tv trivia game, it's fun!!

Well, now we have something good to watch when a lot of things on TV aren't so great! I still have only an antenna.

Me too! I don't know why I never got into the show when it was on primetime TV. For some reason, I didn't think it would be that good. I wish I would have given it a chance, because now I love it!!!