It's a show of utter class, i really only came across it this and last year, but it is a show of utter fineity. It's not amazing, or orgasmic, it's pure class. No **** humour, only resorting to crass or basic humour on chosen occasion, pure quality.

It's also endlessly watchable. Can watch episodes again and again without getting really bored of an episode. Plus the characters and acting are perfectly pitched too.

Some might say it's an endlessly middle class comedy, in that we sitand laugh at these upper class monetary fiends and their minor silly problems and ill-fit into high society, but it is an amazing spectacle. And i am m.c. after all, so i should enjoy it. Channel 4 will forever miss this show.

thesamwebb thesamwebb
18-21, M
1 Response Mar 1, 2009

Kelsey Grammer is truly funny and self-effacing, and the ensemble cast was diverse, but integrated extremely well. I loved John Mahoney and the evolution of the father-son relationship---genius stuff. Niles and Frasier had a classic male sibling relationship, which was so well articulated. The fact that these guys were sort of prissy and overly educated was well balanced with their obvious faults, and their many trials and errors to become more human and real. It was a comedy that was more like real life, and production quality was very high.