I Am Such A Soft Hearted Person

Okay, so the 2010 remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. I kind of like this movie now. Initially I didn't like it because they re made Freddy. They even turned him into a child molester instead of a child killer. Well, even though that aspect of him disgusted me, I was still attracted to this "new" Freddy. So I took him in. I made him one of my many imaginary people.

I changed his story. Okay, this Freddy is my uncle. He is my imaginary daddy's brother. My daddy is Jason Voorhees. He adopted me. So uncle Freddy's story is this.

Growing up, he had a very abusive father. His father abused and molested him every single day. When he was only five, and Jason was eleven, he watched his father drown Jason in a lake. He was horrified and traumatized.

Well, when uncle Freddy turned seventeen, he finally turned his father in and he was free. He went to college and studied many different things. When he was twenty seven, he actually heard from Jason. He was thrilled to learn that Jason was still alive and even more thrilled to learn that he had a nephew named Scotty (my brother now) attending a school near him. Jason had to give Scotty and his twin Oz up for adoption because he wanted to protect them from his father and werewolf hunters.

So uncle Freddy got a job at the school as a teachers aid and a groundskeeper. He got really close to Scotty. He made friends with him and got him to trust him. Meanwhile, while every thing was going good, Freddy's evil father had gotten out of prison and tracked him down. Every day at recess, his father would take a child behind the bushes and molest them. He would then tell them to tell their parents that Freddy did that to them or he would kill them. So the kids did as they were told.

The day Freddy was going to tell Scotty that he was his uncle and offer to adopt him was sadly the day that the parents of the town attacked him. They trapped him in an old building and burned him alive. He was killed for no reason other than his father getting revenge.

The only child that refused to lie about Freddy was Scotty. And he paid dearly for it. We will get to that in another story. Mind you, all of these are created by me for my world. These things happened to the people in my world.

So uncle Freddy came back. The people in my world thought he was evil due to the movie. But we soon figured out that he is the opposite. He got to be reuinited with Jason and his nephews. He is now married. My Freddy has a counterpart who is gay. I don't consider my Freddy a part of this world so he has a gay counterpart in it. The gay Freddy is my step dad because he married Jason. He has a twin brother named Fred. That's who uncle Freddy is married to. They are now expecting triplets. Uncle Fred is pregnant.

So that is uncle Freddy's story. Uncle Freddy also has a counterpart. There are only three people that have counterparts that I don't consider to truly be a part of my world. My Freddy, uncle Freddy's counterpart and Jason's counterpart. They are all good though. And they all have their different backgrounds. Uncle Freddy's counterpart is not a child molester either. He was forced to join a "school" where they teach you how to molest children. He went there and only pretended and lied his way through it. He was burned alive because the people of the school figured out that he didn't do what he was told and they burned him.

Yeah, I have alot of people in my mind and alot of odd background stories. But no one will ever be able to make me get rid of it. I loooovvee my mind.
18-21, F
Sep 6, 2012