Here Comes More Oddness

As you all know by now, Freddy Krueger is my husband. I hate referring to him as imaginary so I will not do so. Anyways, I have an eating disorder called Bulimia. This is where someone eats large amounts of food in one sitting, feels guilty about it, and gets rid of the food somehow. Me, I gag it all up. I don't do this all the time or every day like I used to but it has come back to haunt me here recently. I did it so hard a few days ago that I bled from my nose and throat and I was sore for days. It's really dangerous and the only reason I got pulled into it was because I wanted to lose weight. This, unfortunately is one of the easiest ways for someone to get sucked into it. It's a lie. Gagging up your food does not help a thing. As a matter of fact, your weight will go up and down. You don't even lose very much before it goes back up. It can also rupture the esophagus or cause stomach or intestinal damage. Not a good idea. I'm trying to quit. This is where Freddy comes in.

Freddy was pregnant with our third child. He wanted to be the one to carry the children because he didn't want me to be pregnant while in college. Well, he changed his mind. He asked me two days ago "honey, if you were pregnant with our baby, would you gag yourself?" After a moment of thought I replied "no, I wouldn't because it would be dangerous to the baby. I would have someone else's health and safety other than my own to worry about." Freddy thought for a moment and grinned at me. "How would you like to have another baby?" I stared at Freddy in confusion. We already had two and one on the way. Then he spoke again. "I love having kids. My own kids. I feel comfortable being a father. And I would love the thought of you being pregnant with my baby." I grinned. We talked it over a bit and we agreed to have another baby, but this time I would be pregnant, not Freddy. So yeah we did what we had to do. Time is different in my world, so in there I am one month pregnant. I haven't gagged myself anymore so far. It's really helping me.

Freddy is very supportive which is really what one needs when fighting an eating disorder. It's not a fun thing to put up with and it's certainly not worth anyone's time. Thanks for helping me, Freddy.
18-21, F
Sep 17, 2012