There is nothing better than arriving at work to a box of donuts, or cinnamon rolls! I usually resist these sweet treats but it makes my day start out on the right foot. Then there is the surprise of the catered thank you lunch. It brightens my day.

I work in a hospital and the best way to thank a nurse is through his/her stomach. There have been many times I would have gone 12 hours or more without eating had it not been for handy treat a thoughtful person has brought. One shift, no one got a lunch and someone brought a giant bag of candy out in the afternoon. It really perked us up and got us through the shift because no one was able to stop. 

Maybe this is why I can't lose weight and look cute. 
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Ooooh, as I understand you! I have in my office and in my lab at work a drawer (locked) dedicated to this kind of food for not only rejoice, but, as you say so, to make us gain weight. This is a perpetual dilemma ... psychological transposition or momentary pleasure ... both are also related ... lol... The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak ... lol

I'm sooo weak!

You're not alone about theses stuffs...lol

With my daughter and grandson having been in the hospital for the last few weeks we brought in a tray of fresh cut fruit and a tray of veggies for the nurses. They had been very busy with new deliveries and I knew having food in the break room might be their only chance to eat that day. With it being the holidays we choose those foods to help the gals keep to their diets yet still be able to just grab a few bites now and then.

So very thoughtful I'm sure they really appreciated it. Seriously sometimes I would stop to eat if it wasn't for thoughtful folks like you. I hope your kids are feeling better

We hope to be able to bring them home Wednesday. The baby was born on the 17th of last month. He is doing well. His momma is finally doing great!