Just Been Dumpster-diving

Or 'skipping' as we call it in UK. I just got back after a ride to the nearest little town to raid the dumpster at the back of my usual dumpster-diving supermarket.

The moon is full and it is a beautiful clear night so I could see really well by the bright full-moonlight. The silent cycle ride, in the cold still air, out in the moonlight was actually ok. The moon was well on it's way into the west so as I rode along the coast road and around the 'point' the moonlight made the whole wet road really, really bright and silver.

When I got into town I went to the supermarket and went around to the back, when I looked in the dumpster though, there was nothing for me at all, just the stuff I decided not to take last night.

So I needed another dumpster, luckily there is another small wheelie-bin which does sometimes have edible waste in it, and that is not far up the hill. So I went up to this shop and it's alot smaller, this is like your '7-11' or 'Spar' shops or whatever, so they don't have alot to throw away anyway. I went into the 'compound' at the back of the shop and opened the bin and there was one little bag with some little tiny 'baton' loaves in it, and a couple of nets of Spanish clementines, a nice sliced loaf, a bag of spinach, a box of half-a-dozen Viennese whirls, a pain-au-chocolat, a crispy-cheesy-crappy-thing and a little bottle of fresh orange juice.

Thankfully, there are two shops in town. I'd have had to ride so far otherwise, that it would have been too close to morning, and too risky to bother. I don't want to encourage them to start locking their bins or waiting to the last minute to fill them, so I mustn't get caught-out.    :)

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2 Responses Feb 8, 2009

Um.. I do a little bit better than that dude. Tea tonight was steak pie, potatoes and spinach. Yesterday fillets of plaice, potatoes, and these little crispy cheese&onion things with breadcrumbs on them. Most days I do fine. :)<BR>I have not eaten a mustard sandwich since I was 17 and still paying money for most of my food.

yeah dude...and you can go into almost any fast food joint and get free crackers, and with a little catsup or mustard...voila...a free meal!!!<br />
<br />
it's rough out there, but if you are street smart, you'll survive.