Been Doing It Again!

Oh yes, I love a good rummage! Not. I did have a nice relaxing ride there, and a break from EPing. I found a decent haul of foods. Lots of meats, pork, beef, and cooked hams. Even though I'm a dog, i try not to eat too much of the meat but at this time of year its ok. I got plenty of fromage frais -which I adore! Some cheese-slices and lots of bread, I brought back three loaves. I'm  happy to have also found a great big trifle and a bottle of squirty-cream. :) :) :)

TheLuckyHobo TheLuckyHobo
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3 Responses Feb 13, 2009

Yes in one way I suppose I am, I often feel happy when i find stuff in the bin. Then I remember it's still someone else's bin.

So lunch will be errrr... ooh.. ham and cheese sandwiches. Dinner will be steak with potatoes. Followed by trifle with extra squirty cream. I can make some porridge using the squirty cream too, so that's breakfast sorted. :) :) :)<BR>Shangri-La?<BR>I have never tried a hotel :/ Don't really like the sound of it. Eww. I have seen Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares! No it is from the bins of the local supermarket. It is a good chain who usually have the right sort of bins and usually leave some good stuff in them.<BR>I should admit tho, I was crying as I put the stuff in my rucksack coz I hav needed to do this on-and off for thirteen years.

Yay!!!! I love stories like this! I love getting freebies too!