I wanna sell myself for money
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how much

pa here

why do you want to? and how much? lol

Cus I like to have sex so why not get paid for it

fair call.. how much were you thinking? I reckon taking money after sex would make it different. think you would be able to really? and what if someone you wernt attracted to wanted to "buy" you.. would you still do it. or would you have a limit..

My only limit is stds and if I don't find then attractive I would prolly charge jus a lil more

haha.. fair call... so how much.. and what would you do? just vanilla sex.. or anything goes?

I would charge 200 and for like all night crazy bondage **** 400

damn... thats a great price. lol.. im in!

Mmmm were u live

Oh no girl where do you live? You better charge more than that! $1000 for all-night crazy bondage ****. Sheeeit

talk about a discount rate hey? lol


I reckon $1000 might be cheap honestly.. lol

True, but At least $1000

Wow thanks for ur help :)

depends what your skill level and overall looks are like too tho... its a consumer market, and you need to keep up with the competition. what do you have that makes you better than the rest and worth $1000. lol.n

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