Swing Em And Ooze Em

Short Shorts....Love the feeling and the risk...never know when my large long nuts will make a slide-out appearance when I'm sitting. It's certainly an open invitation to either sex and they do respond. Sometime I get that look of "did I really see what I think I did?" Sometime a little old lady will stop by and say: "Sir, do you know....." It's exciting and then more revealing as my main tool stiffens.
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2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

I have done that also. One time I was in track shorts balls on oneside and **** on the other and I was sitting at this park bench at the lake campgrounds and people was looking at me and then one lady told me by junkis showing. and then later on a guy came up to me and told me my **** was showing.

I love short shorts too - I make them legal and more wearable with really nice panties, but when I sit down I never know what's showing - and I definitely have had people try to look