Freeballin Popout

I freeball all the time and love to go commando in sweats and even short sweats -- workout shorts. This one dude on here was askin me about it and I had to say that I have had accidents. Ordinarily the shorts hold my stuff in place, but a few weeks ago I was over talkin to my next door neighbor Tommy (who's like in his 60s) and when I raised my leg to put my foot up on the rung of a ladder, everything fell out. I started to get embarrassed when I realized that he's seen it all before and besides the dude is an old hippie who freeballs all the time himself. So we just had to kinda laugh. But if his girlfriend had been out there I would have been embarrassed.
TeddyBare87 TeddyBare87
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6 Responses May 23, 2012

It is just an accidental popout. It happens when we freeball from time to time. You are lucky that your neighbour freeballs too. If it was some uptight person, then just have to explain that you it needs some air below. 8)

I haven't bought underwear for years - just seems like a pointless waste of money. Also hardly ever wear clothes. See my story, Dude In The Nude.

Let it all hang out and give it some air!!

My wife had freeballing sighting just this week on her way home. We live by several high schools and the boys are training I guess for cross-country running, football or other sports. She said they all run with shirts off, gym shorts with apparently no underwear or jock strap and dinky little gym shorts. She enjoys her ride home with a tool and ball show. She said one young man was just jogging along and his package kept peeking out his gym shorts leg opening. He had to know his penis was hanging out and gave the traffic a show.

I'm sure your older neighbor appreciates the view. Brighten his day from time to time with more "accidents" like that.

i was sitting on the deck of the swimming pool one time and my friend was in the swimming pool. i felt my junk was hanging out and made an embarrased comment about it. he snickered about the size of my ****... i fixed it and dropped it back in... it wasn't as bad as i thought it would of been