Is This See Thru When It Wet?

I freeballing working out 5 days a week at the gym mostly in a thin white mesh shorts. There has been a lot of eyes but after awhile it is a business as usual as i am there to work out and not cruising (well!) and i guess all the members either get used to it or whatever it is they seems to ok with my barely there attire.

Once i finish my workout routine, i usually go to steam room and then swimming some 50 lengths in the pool. Of course, i wear white Speedo, my favorite one that i have since college. I cut the lining off long time ago and it has been thru thick and thin with me in the pool quite routinely so the fabric becomes quite thin so you can imagine when i get off the pool ...

So after changed into my white Speedo, i walked into a steam room. There was one gentleman sat in there already so I said Hi, just to be friendly and the silent took over for about 2-3 minutes and then he said "Is that thing you wear see thru when it wet?" I was stunned and ran out of words for a few second. Finally, since he was brave enough to ask so i answer it casually, "of course, it is white and it has no lining" He walked right in front of me. I was standing on the high step in the steam room, he stood in front of me, meaning his face is right by my crotch. He stared at it and then asked, "what brand is this?" I said "Speedo". You bet, the conversation went from casual to well, i would say, it getting HOT in here!
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2 Responses Dec 4, 2012

Somebody turned UP the heat yo. I need to cool down ..

nice! first thing I do with a swimsuit is cut out the lining if it has any....