Who Doesn't?

I could not imagine wearing any sort of undergarments with sweat pants!
When I am dressed, I wear sweats in cold weather, running shorts in warm. Regardless, I will be commando; I don't even own any undergarments!
Sweats are the perfect thing to go commando in just because they caress your crotch so nicely. Plus, they absorb the sweat from that area much better than do jeans or most other pants.
So, hang loose in sweats!

NakedDriver NakedDriver
56-60, M
8 Responses Mar 11, 2010

sounds good! will look forward to it.

hey ND<br />
i'll get some pics of me freeballing in the gym for u - always fun to see my tool and balls poking out of my white gym mesh shorts when i'm on the bench press or swinging around when i'm running. sometimes they sag too low and the top of my bush will be showing - a lot of guys have commented on that too. haha. keep yr **** out for the lads !!

<b>the thought of that makes me ooze precum. ☺</b> if i were in that changing room with you, i would want to do more than just pull on your ****! ☻<br />
i hope you can up some pics of yourself too so i can see them.<br />
remember—i am <b>always</b> bare<i>foot</i> regardless of what else i may be wearing.<br />
but, sadly, it looks as if we will be unlikely to meet since we are on opposite sides of the puddle. ☹ *sigh*<br />
<b>stay as naked as you can!</b>

hey ND - loved yr comments!! haha then you should come see me in the gym when i'm barefoot in the changing rooms with my cockhead sticking out of my mesh shorts :-) i've had a few guys walk past and pulled on my **** or grabbed my balls. <br />
i freeball most of the time cos i feel free and also like the feeling of the fabric rubbing on my **** and balls, giving me a semi hardon. i do wear jockstraps or speedos under fitted cotton work pants if i am going boxing or swimming at the gym later on. sometimes i have to take off the speedos during the day cos the lycra makes me really hard & horny and i start to drip pre-cumm and my foreskin will be sliding back making me even more horny. not good to go swimming in white speedos (which are already quite see through when wet ) with a raging ***** and wet patch !! i even like it when the tip of my **** is brushing on the trouser seams as i walk. haha what a perv.<br />
i am new to this site and finding my way around but will gladly add u as my friend. i'm sure i will like yr photos ;-p meanwhile, do add me on MSN so we can chat or e-mail me pics of you(TerribleT@hotmail.co.uk) and i will return the favour.<br />
keep freeballing and get yr **** poking out of yr shorts!!

<b>while i try not to “hang out” where the wrong person might see, i do now and then.</b><br />
if i saw you doing so, i certainly would compliment you on your taste in clothes. ☺<br />
if you were <i>barefoot</i> when i saw you, i'd be hard pressed not to start sucking your **** and toes then and there!<br />
so, ba<x>sed on your first comment, are the some clothes you <i>do</i> wear undergarments with?<br />
if you want, add me as friend so you can see my pics.<br />
<b>keep freeballin’!</b>

hey NakedDriver<br />
its a great feeling of freedom with no undies, isn't it?!! sometimes i get horny and semi hard on cos of the rubbing on my **** and balls esp if its mesh / gym shorts and my **** head sticks out and you can see clearly i'm not cut :-) BUT i've never had anyone complain !!

<b>sounds cool to me!</b><br />
i stopped wearing undergarments when i was fourteen.

i freeball always in sweats and gym shorts cos i like the feel of both types of fabric rubbing my crotch, sometimes giving me a semi hard on. i have VPL most times and my **** & balls swing around when i walk but that's a great feeling and sometimes people stare but its ok.