A Privilege Is Not Freedom...

I believe in freedom, I dont know about you but I see this world is changing. I am gonna do what I can and tell everyone about how just seeing things differently can make a difference. If you believe this too, please take a few moments and tell everyone who will listen.. A shift in thought could change everything... This is what I want, true freedom.

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3 Responses Mar 19, 2012

A Very Good Message!!!!!!

What is most essential in strengthening the farmers grip on us cattle are the cowardly, devilish, law enforcers and military murderers. They are the most severely brainwashed losers on this planet. Without them there is no farm!!!!

Thank you for spreading the love!!!!

That's a well done presentation, with good backup material for the human farming theory. I've seen greed and exploitation from large and small corporations to individuals to governments. It's an unfortunate part of human nature. We peaceful cows need to resist being controlled at every opportunity. I've moved to a place with no building permits and the lowest taxes I could find. I work for myself and take enough 'business deductions' to prevent any income taxes being due. Work to support yourself, your loved ones, and an occasional good neighborly gesture. Let the government run only on the greedy cows and see how long they last.

No building permits? I searched for a place like this when searching for my house... in the future I hope to buy land and build an adobe home....

I tried your link, removed the (period) between the "u" and the "b" and came up a dead page. I'm very curious to hear what you have to say about true freedom.<br />
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Peace and Light

Yeah I was wondering why the share link looked that way. This is not a vid I made, but it expresses exactly how I feel. Here is the actual link, enjoy :)