Bar None

From Joe's to The Snug to The Tin Horn Flats Bar & Grill to potentially Champs to 
finally being content with Tony's [darts away]. Bar hoping is not as fun as it seems. 
And I frown upon the people  who can't pick any good music on the juke box and when they 
do I'm already either half way out the door or half way into my drink. They should just ban those 
people or have some type of no lame songs policy. I'll be sure to insert that in their suggestion 
box hahahaha. Anyways, have a good rest of May everybody and make sure to predict your *um times! Lol 

Reels- Blue Crush 

Song- Joan Jett's I Love Rock and Roll 

Sitcoms / TV Shows I *** my pants for? Modern Family 

*In case anyone wants to know how Charcoal Hamlet and I are doing? I don't even know myself. 
My prince charming likes to act a fool and play silly mind games and confuse me for whatever reason. And although 
we bicker at times we actually have some pretty hot chemistry. There's just one thing though...

I think he's a **** star. 
LonelyBeing LonelyBeing
18-21, F
May 31, 2012