What Does Freedom Feel Like?

People always answer the question I asked with something along the lines of "Well you should know, look where we are! United States! We are free!" But no, we aren't free. Freedom has no boundaries, freedom isn't laws and rules, restricted areas, etc.
Maybe it feels like your childhood, if it were ever a good one. I am not even in highschool, yet I am eternally burdened by the troubles of this world we live in to ever feel carefree and happy again like my friends. Before this time though, when I was not even five...
I didn't understand most of the world at this age, many parents try sheltering their children and hiding the cruel facts of life for as long as they can. (My mom and dad obviously didn't succeed.) I guess when I was out in the forest exploring and searching for fairies as a child I felt free. Mostly my mind was free but perhaps my idea of free just means ignorant bliss. I don't know and neither do over half the people I this world. It's sad that not many will ever experience freedom.
(Note: If you didn't understand anything I just said, blame me, for I have trouble putting my thoughts in order. I just rapidly write them down before I can forget.)
Someday, I hope I can run through an endless forest with the wind and animals and understand everything but at the same time feel free.
Enough about me though, what do you think freedom feels like? Or are you a lucky one who really is free? (Oh, by the way, I understand if you don't agree with freedom, or anything else I said that looks like nonsense. I respect your opinion.)
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

I agree with way of thinking, freedom feels like when you find yourself most comfortable not afraid of doing something or saying something, i felt the most freedom when i was in the mountains exploring new places, breathing fresh air, meeting new people , the traditions the nature and everything mixed together in one place was full of pleasant emotions, ot's like leaving the crowded tiring city behing with all your thoughts and be able to feel at absolute peace with nature and people appreciating what's really important but little things