I Love Freedom, But I Want you to show me your love too

My families been hanging out in Northern Ohio Since before there was a state,

early 1790's.


when the natives annex some land to the then Fledgling United States around Fort Defiance, popularized by the battle of fallen timbers and the such.. And I'm sure that's how they obtained their 200 acres for being in the service of those whom needed it , they just weren't braggadocios back then

 They farmed the country side and in another 60 years My great grandfather,

(reference:My dad was born in 1915),

Join the Next major cause to befall this Nation at the ripe old age of 20 , The Great rebellion of the 1860's. He enlisted in January of

1862 and fought in every major Battle that The Great Army of The Ohio fought, from Shiloh to the Sea, accompanying Sherman and Grants Army .


He finally was mustered out in July 1865 in Georgia at the end of the conflict...

 copy of One of His Letters sent home via Pittsburgh Landing, Tennessee 1862.....



As the times passed on, others in my family, (which now has become quit numerous),  included many distant and past Uncles, whom also served in great causes and wars,which seemingly came and went as with the current times that they lived through during the early and mid 1900's.

 My Oldest brother additionally Served 2 tours In Nam flying Helios....


As for me,The war was winding down in Nam during 73, but the propaganda machine continued churning out the Red Threat and domino Theory. It continually warned how Laos, Cambodia  and Chicago were all gonna collapse under the Red thumb of Communisto authority.

looking towards graduation in 74, I pre enlisted when I was just 17.

I felt the same need, as post family members, in wanting to Defend Our Beliefs, ways of life, God and country!

All the stuff that was programmed into my head, by schools and the media, day to day growing up since childhood...

I chose Submarine duty in the Atlantic, to stay far away from ho' Chi and his Cohorts, just in case it blew up again. 

I was thinking cold war and I wanted a Nuke Close by my arse to fend them off, just in case the Ru skis' went crazy...

With my assistance and determination I assisted Lady liberty up, if so a need be, to strike out against those that dare to cause harm to even her slightest adventure.

A brief few years passed ,  after deep reflection and living amongst the truth of Ideals, I had a change of heart towards the end of my tour!

I couldn't shake thinking:" isn't it lovely that I'm someone devoted to God and Liberty,( in my early 20's),  sitting off your shoreline and if ever I was called upon, I could ready and fire a Nuke at you and a couple million other people, removing you into oblivion ,while your sleeping , bathing your children, or striving just for enbetterment, simply for an indifference of cause?" right or not...

It laid a heavy burden upon my fragile comprehension of Gods teachings towards family and promises made.

So I made My Decision, and have to live with it daily! ! tour only no career.. I self abase to protect those whom can't and for this I ask understanding and compassion.

My souls seemed worth more than all the thievery, injustice, and corrupted souls, all the BS crap I had to endure and protect, but still I gave it up freely to all !

I previously waded through the vain attempts against me, that exercised their continual charge to ashen it.

Those in Society that lay in wait , hiding amongst the shadows, incorporating themselves amongst the fair, only to fall upon those of innocence. having their way with them as they dictate.

Those whom feel free to return and excise their amissed virtues upon me, whether Physical or mental with no remorse.

An educational system That rewarded conformity not individualism, supported peer elevation thru promoted dominant jurisdiction, ruling favorably towards those of their choosing, while deposing those whom were considered less worthy. 

 A Church Structure that is Built against each others church in attempting to topple their authority.

The preconception that My country's better than yours, mentality fostered by all whom needed to constrain civil unrest.

 The Capitalist greed mongers that fuel this; the We want it all, to I want it all attitudes.

 I could as well include the plethora's of other things, if I could just keep typing indefinitely, regarding this hole, My hole ,supposedly in my Gods country!

My fore fathers presented it unto my father,  which in turn gave it unto me...

It's the land My forefathers stole for us, with a promise. Fought for to acquire and maintain.

As for mine claim, Take it, I don't care anymore !

My families here , but looks towards somewhere else now , a place that I'd Also rather be.

Do as you will with it, for now it shall be yours towards responsibility .

Attempt to save it from the senseless inhumanity and carelessness brought forth, if you wish, for We have grown tired and trodden down, protecting her train from those who wish to soil it without endowment. !!!

My family's trek along with her, grooming her hands, stroking her hair, giving her comfort and offering up our blood if need be, insuring her Solace, as she cried out from pain.

We've never faltered.

We untimidly came to quicken her defenses, with our polished banners and standards waving unfurled, time and again to help raise her from her perilous treks.

Now Its laid upon you and your family to preserve her breath, strengthen her virtue and decide if the task be worth the trouble.

She's freely Placed her garments around them ,protecting , sheltering them from their fears, selflessly pulling them tight into her bossom for saftey and warmth , whenever they cried out to her.

Are we but your continual servants or hers?

As for me, Wearied ,I think it's time I rest a bit ,  might you attend to her hem ?




Whew... Hallelujah I need a drink..... Lil



Randysdot Randysdot
51-55, M
Oct 14, 2009