Unconditional love is the only real kind of love there is, in my opinion.

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I hope you never have to know what it is to feel this. I hope (really, hope sincerely) that no one ever has to learn to feel this way. But it happens every day. Somewhere, someone is destroying children; to satisfy their own twisted needs. And they do not deserve forgiveness. They deserve to burn. Sorry, I am up on my soap box again. This a huge bee in my bonnet and it never lets me rest. It buzzes around in there stinging me over and over again. And sometimes, I hear people talk about the milk of human kindness. I do not believe in unconditional love, except that of a parent for a child.

You have the right to feel that way. I'm not trying to take anything from you.<br />
I'm terribly sorry about what he did to you and your child, and there is no excuse for him. You are angry and you have a right to be. <br />
<br />
I think that for everyone, there is a limit-point, where you just can't feel the basic human love for a person anymore, and it is almost always because of something tragic like what you experienced. It's not unusual at all, and you are a human being who is allowed to experience your feelings and validate them, whatever they may be.

He didn't just beat me, he raped my two year old daughter, because I wouldn't give her up for adoption. I was spending too much time taking care of her needs instead of his. I don't love or forgive. Ever. I want to see him die horribly. And painfully. And slowly. No my love was not unconditional. I think that is when I realized that love must be conditional on the other not being evil.

Sometimes the notion of unconditional love feels surreal when we feel hurt by something someone we trusted has done to us, but the concept isn't really all that strange. We have just taught ourselves not to practice it.

This is surreal.

^ You can still love someone in the basic human sense even after they have wronged you. There is a term I use called "righteous anger". When someone harms you, by all means, put them as far away from yourself as you can. I was in an abusive relationship as well, and though I never want to see that man again, I do love him and forgive him, and hope that he can heal from the wounds that have damaged him.

Wellllll.......I used to think that until I was beaten and when I kicked him out of my life he said "I thought you said your love for me was unconditional!" I guess it wasn't.