Into The Ocean

Laying here, I close my eyes and let my other senses take charge for awhile. Sometimes it is just too hard to *see* everything… so much simpler feel, to taste, to smell. It is pure and direct – no unnecessary interpretation required. Just to let yourself bask in the uncomplicated realm of sensation.

Feel the caress of the wind against your face, the way your hair dances around you. Smell the fresh salty air of the ocean. The call of birds and the rush and crash of waves… I stand there sometimes and imagine falling, straight down, from this height, into the frigid water. Racing through space, my clothes whipping fiercely, tears streaming from my eyes. And then, the sudden shock of icy resistance, plunging beneath the surface, enveloped, consumed by the greedy sea.

To me, it is a euphemism for letting go – seeking and attaining a freedom of sorts. We try so hard to do the right thing – to be the right person that, I think, we lose sight sometimes of who we really are.

I love running naked in the wet grass, the rain pouring, pounding into ground around me. Even when I slip and fall, it is deliriously entertaining, especially when I have someone to fall beside me. Do you see? Stepping into my somewhat insane little world and enjoying life unfiltered, and with no expectations of what comes next. Simply being – living, experiencing.

Loving freely, without inhibitions or conditions – or regard to the consequences. It is a lovely, powerful thing.
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May 14, 2012