Even now that the sun has long since succumbed to the night, the air is hot and thick. It is almost like walking through a blanket of cobwebs, so cloying is the humidity. The light summer dress barely moves in the tepid wind as I walk along the shore. Though it is quite dark, I try to find a place that is somewhat secluded. The air is hazy but a full moon provides just enough light for it to be sensual and erotic, rather than unnerving – swimming in the ocean in utter darkness.

I know that you will find me eventually... you always seem to know where I am, even when I am hidden from everyone else. It is uncanny, but I have long since decided to simply accept it as part of your allure. The anticipation of waiting for you makes me shiver and I suddenly feel the need to be in the water.

Happily, I shrug off my damp, clinging dress and, for several moments, simply stand very still letting myself feel that freedom, reveling in the pounding waves, that seem to mimic my heartbeat... which grows stronger every second, as inexorable as my desire.

Curling my toes in the still-warm sand, I imagine I can feel every grain individually. It is luxurious – everything, right now, feels so... bright – so much more real than how I normally feel. It is for you – for what you do to me. I know you want me, too... it is so clear in the way you look at me, how you say my name.

I never meant to take this so seriously. But, I am so drawn to you and I cannot even look away, how could I possibly stop...? Your lips, the way they curve when you see me, how you lick them while looking at mine. Every time, I want to grab you and pull you close to me and kiss you... and never let you go.

Still imagining your lips pressed to mine, the first waves lick over my feet and around my ankles. Soon, the water brushes across my calves and rushes between my thighs. The sensation is... incredible and I want you more. A few more steps, and the warm water laps at my breasts, just grazing them...

I lay myself back and star at the sky – as the night cools, more stars are beginning to shine. The entire world could be empty save for me, in this place. I can smell cigarette smoke long before I can hear your approach. I smile involuntarily and try not to give myself away. Your movements are quiet and deliberate, slowly disrobing.

My ears just above the water's surface, the slight sounds of you coming closer makes me drunk with lust. Moving my legs below me, I let myself be rocked by the waves. The first touch, your fingertips running down my spine makes me tremble uncontrollably. I need you. Then your hands on my shoulders, sliding down my arms.

Slowly, you turn me to face you and look straight into my eyes. I know, then, that I am only yours. Any thought I ever had of being anything else was only an illusion. One palm on my cheek, the other stroking my neck, you pull me close until our foreheads meet. I want you. Finally, you kiss me. It is sensuous and deep and I literally swoon in the water. If not for you holding me, I would slide beneath the water, lost forever.

Your hands moving all over me now, our bodies pressed tightly together. I love you. Nothing exists but you.

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May 20, 2012