Make Mine French Cuffed

The look of the French cuffed dress shirt is pure elegance. It is admired by anyone who knows and appreciates high fashion.
It is a timeless and conservative look that reeks of personal best and success.
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5 Responses Aug 8, 2010

I will admit I probably have way too many dress shirts and yet the ones I will wear most often are my French Cuff dress shirts. This almost automatically means white and this is ok by me. I feel the look of the French Cuff paired with a bow tie (and that is especially true with a tuxedo!) just looks much better. I do have several pattern dress shirts that are French Cuff but I prefer solid whites. Now if dress shirt makers would just get over the idea that white and blue are the only two colors men need in French Cuffs. I remember wearing reds, golds, and other such colors in elementary school (a fellow classmate got me into wearing my shirts during the week although sans bow tie) as well as high school ( I had a really cool couple of shirts in green and red) in addition to having to wear my tuxedos for DeMolay (as mentioned previously). So it isn't like they haven't done it before, they have to get over this thing that SALES drive everything. I'd really love to get a nice Black French Cuff with dyed black buttons (like the old Van Heusens in the 60's) and a spread collar which I thing looks better with a bow tie. A nice black tux shirt with wing collar as well as lay down collar would be nice as well (and for sure those two have to have French Cuffs). Bespokes are nice but expensive to do!

Yes all of my shirts are french cuff, I love the extra room they allow in the wrist area and love to collect and display very and stylish cufflinks.

I dont own any shirts that dont have french cuffs,I like them well starched and worn with nice cuff links they look very smart,

Thanks for your great comment! I wish more women felt the way you do, especially my wife! LOL

I think it is quite handsome, even sexy for a man to have French cuffs... especially if they have great cuff links. It is all about attention to detail for a man in a suit or uniform. I love seeing the perfected finish of both.