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Mcdonalds, Wendy's And Burger King - It Doesn't Matter Because I Love All Of Their Fries!

I love tasty, salty french fries. I can't really say that I have ever met a french fry that I did not like. In fact, sometimes I can't make up my mind amongst the different french fries that are out there. One of my favorite things to do when I want to treat myself is going to McDonalds, Wendy's and Burger King and purchasing a large order of french fries from each and then placing them all in one big bag, mixing them together and then eating them one by one, all the while savoring their salty, greasy, potato tasting goodness. Yum!!!!

PS. But for the record, if I had to choose one brand of french fries, I'd probably go with Burger Kings ;)   But that's just me.

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you made me laugh...fries are good..hots the best..enjoy!!!!!!!

So you have a fry *********? Our BK doesn't change their oil that often, so i have to go with mcds.


Of the three, I'd go with Wendy's. Theirs are always a little soggier to me. I don't like them too crispy. Chick fil a is probably the best overall. Nothing beats dunking one of those waffles fries into some Chick fil a sauce...

Mcdonalds fries are the bestt!! but Wendys fries are more healthier i feel then all of the other types of fries(: just my opinion(:

Don't know if you have Swiss Chalet in America but they make my favourite home cut style fries!!!!!!!!

Have you ever tried Checkers' seasoned fries? They are fantastic. Good thing there are no Checkers restaurants in my area.

I thought rally's and checkers were the same? HMM let me google this. Kinda like Hardees and Carl's Jr are the same. I shall check.......YUP same thing. I also see that you can now purchase Rally's/Checkers fries in the frozen potato section of your local grocery store! Wee!

McDonalds? Burger King?? OMG you guys are insane! lol everybody knows Rallys has the best fries of all time!!

I keep hearing about Rally's but I'm not sure if there is one where I live in NYC. Oh well, maybe one day I will happen upon one. Until then, I fortunately have other options ;)

Mmmm....Fries **Drool** Luckily theres a Mcdonalds just down the road! :) ....But I'm fasting.

LOLOL!<br />
This is the funniest THREAD i have ever read in my life!<br />
<br />
Thank you for the SMILE! :)

REALLY! Well, thank you for the comment, it really made me smile too. I was just basically ranting about my love of french fries in this thread. Who knew it would become so popular. I guess there are a lot of people out there who agree with me and like french fries :)

WOW, this story was fetured on the front home page of the EP site for an entire day yesterday. I feel so special .-blushing-

I like the new style of Wendy's fries - they are tasty.<br />
Otherwise, McDonald's is awesome too ! lol

Sounds like you like them both. You should get both fries and put them in a bag together and then eat them.

French fries... I was so pissed when they started with the freedom fries bull ****. France is smart, they knew we would NEVER win this war. We will pull out and declare victory but the chick will still get pregnantified.

Um, ok

I vote for McDonalds fries!!!!!!!

out here in California they changed the laws on what kind of oils they use in restaurants ....... they have changed to supposedly a healthier type of oil ......but the fry's don't taste the same now uggg ... they taste nasty

but my fav was for the longest time, wendys ........... if they would just stop changing their salads menus now!

As far as texture, I love burger king's crispy battered fries. Checkers fries are also AMAZING! a lot of people on here are all over chik filla's fries, but sorry, they're not that great. Only their sandwiches are worth bragging about. But as far as flavor goes, McD's wins hands down. I heard they were fried in pork fat. I don't know if that's true, but if it is, that's the best damn pork fat I've ever tasted!! :D


McDonalds fries are classic, and consistent. Probably the best, but they lost something when they stopped frying them in beef fat. Wendy's new fries are super good, and In-N-Out fries are hard to beat. The best french fry of all time is no longer made. Years ago, Arby's (yes, Arby's!) had the best fries by far. I worked at an Arby's and remember what a big deal it was that the fries had to be perfect. "A french fry should break, never bend. If you can bend the fries, throw them out." That was the rule. But some time in the early 80's, something changed at Arbys and the fries became among the worst. Greasy, and very bendy!

mcdonalds fires taste like old & sadness to me :P i think those are the grossest fries of the fast food industry. i think popeye's fries are the best! i like the seasoning of them! burger king would be my second :)

This is very interesting. I'm not a fry person. I actually hate fries. I may eat fries once a year.

Did you ever do that, but not look into the bag, and try to guess from where each french fry you ate came?

I'm a huge French fries fan too, but sadly though, my part of the world has only Mac Donalds!<br />
<br />
But when i was traveling i got the chance to go to Wendys and BK and yum i couldn't resist BK fries for as long as i was there!! Your post brings back so many yummy memories and i want to have fries ,like right now!

I quite like the fries from a restaurant near where I live, a seafood restaurant called Captain D's seafood. Their fries are battered and delicious! My favorite! A second runner up to those would be from a restaurant in NC called Central Park that sells burgers and fries.<br />
<br />
But for all general purposes, after those two restaurants, I'd say McD's currently has the best fries out of the fast food restaurants.

Chick Fil A Fries FTW! :D

Fries are my weakness they taste so good, I like all types of fries skinny straight salty fries, steak fries, curly seasoned fries, homemade fries, soggy fries...I'm a french fry freak. I can eat fries alone without a burger or hotdog or chicken...with or without ketchup,I prefer without ketchup or any sauce.

McDonalds fries are the best !!! but I can eat all fries...any long as their hella salty mmmmmgooood!! ;) <br />
<br />
YUP i'm a junkfood junkie lol

Dude, home-made french fries. After you've had some of mine, you would never go to those crap restaraunts. It would ruin you for other fries.... lolz.

If you live in California you would not be saying such good things about french fries...especially McDonalds. The Trans Fat Ban has RUINED ALL french fries in CA. I'm very thin and starving for trans fats. When I go to the river in Arizona I order McDonalds fries because they are not a nanny state. Ahh I almost forgot what freedom tasted like. Just wait until the food police come to your state next. Your entire french fry world will come crashing down and then you will understand that this trans fat ban will put America's taste buds on strike. The health nuts are very few but very loud. The rest of us have our mouths full of fries.

yea i hate that the law changed in calif uggg

mcdonalds are best i think so..