Five Guys Fries And More

I really don't know who invented french fries or what their mind was like, but the person must've been a genius.  Who but a Grinch or Scrooge wouldn't love those salty, crisp outside and soft and mushy inside french fries?

I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite, but Five Guys' fries would have to be near the top.   Just even walking into the restaurant is an experience, with the free peanuts and giant bags of potatoes lying about, and the sign that tells where the potatoes of the day originated.  I'm tellin' ya, makes me weak thinking about it.

Five Guys' fries are fried in peanut oil and served wonderfully hot and the portions are just huge.   Forget the diet when you're at Five Guys and do it another day.  The ketchup isn't in those chintzy little envelopes, either, but is in big containers with a pump dispenser!  Oh, there's no better place on earth to eat one fry after another in reckless abandon than Five Guys!

Five Guys also has a Cajun variety of fries, which I haven't tasted since I'm not partial to hot tastes, but they're bound to be delicious, too.  Sometime when I'm at Five Guys and feelin' brave, I might try the small of Cajun fries, if there is such a thing as small at Five Guys!

I also love Long John Silver's fries, and they have the wonderful squirt ketchup, too, but the portions are too small for a fry fiend like me.  Rally's fries are great and seasoned well, but a bit greasy for my taste.   White Castle's are good, too, and are blessed not to be loaded with too much salt.  Also, Wendy's now has a natural cut version of fries, seasoned with sea salt, that I'll have to check out...

...That is, if I can ever get my van to turn anywhere else except Five Guys when I get fries on my mind!
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OMG I am so with you! <br />
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It doesn't get ANY better than five guys (: <br />
<br />
fries burgers or just doesn't get better and the portions of fries are just to my liking I can eat a large all by myself and be happy (despite how it says it's good for 5-6 people )